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Strengthening Foundations

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1 Strengthening Foundations
Skills Development Programme for Team Leaders and Supervisors In partnership with

2 Rationale Basis for improving leadership and management standards in LSBU Provides Team Leaders and Supervisors with a formal foundation to develop the skills and knowledge required in their role Enhances the participants' own management careers

3 The Self – individual and Team Leader Relationships with colleagues
Managing and Leading a Team

4 The Self Individual and Team Leader
Developing Yourself as a Team Leader Managing Yourself Managing Your Personal Development

5 Diversity in the workplace
Understanding Effective Team Working Workplace Communication Managing Working Relationships with Colleagues Communicating Information and Knowledge Relationships with colleagues

6 Managing and Leading a Team
Improving Performance of the Work Team Induction and Coaching in the workplace Planning and Monitoring Work Using Resources Effectively and Efficiently Understanding Change Setting Objectives and Providing Support for Team Members Making Effective Decisions Managing and Leading a Team

7 Strengthening Foundations Programme
The Programme Strengthening Foundations Programme Knowledge ILM Level 2 Technical Certificate Employer Rights & Responsibilities MBTI Personality Assessment Key Skills Edexel Level 1 Functional Skills ILM Level 2 NVQ Skills

8 Technical Certificate
10 pre-selected module units 2-3 hours per week of own time for research and study Attendance at half-day workshops (one per month) Completion of 10 written assignments each of words (2-3 sides of typed A4) Completion within 9 months

9 Assignments Personal Development Plan Presentation Project Plan
Induction Plan Analysis, survey and report/action plan Audit and recommendations Reflective review

10 Example of an Assignment
Using resources effectively and efficiently in the workplace This task requires you to complete an audit of how efficiently and effectively resources are used in your area of responsibility. To complete the audit you should: detail the main physical, human and financial resources required outline how the use of these resources is monitored in your area identify any shortfall in resources you (potentially) have and explain why it is important to have sufficient levels. identify any areas where resources are or could be wasted and outline how their usage could be improved for better efficiency. explain how you will ensure such changes in the use of resources will still comply with health and safety requirements

11 NVQ element 5 pre-selected module units
Assessor visits for 2 hrs every 3 weeks to observe and talk to you, and to your colleagues 3-4 hours per week carrying out work-based tasks Completion within 12 months

12 Example of NVQ Assessment criteria
Learning outcomes The learner will: Assessment criteria The learner can: 1. Understand the benefits of working with colleagues. 1.1 Describe the benefits of productive working relationships. 2. Be able to establish working relationships with colleagues. 2.1 Identify colleagues within own and other organisations. 2.2 Agree the roles and responsibilities for colleagues. 3. Be able to act in a professional and respectful manner when working with colleagues. 3.1 Explain how to display behaviour that shows professionalism. 4. Be able to communicate with 4.1 Identify, information to others clearly and concisely. 4.2 Explain how to receive and clarify own understanding of information.

13 Support and Resources E-Portfolio
Access to The Skills People’s Learning Portal with online learning resources  One year membership to the ILM and associated benefits Access to additional management development support and opportunities through OSDT

14 You are the catalysts for improvement!

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