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ILM Working in partnership with Oxford Brookes University.

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1 ILM Working in partnership with Oxford Brookes University

2 Building our Partnership Who are ILM What do we offer (overview) Who are our clients Working with other Universities Working with Oxford Brookes –Understanding options for e-pioneers –Benefits for delegates Recognition of input into programmes and competencies developed 6 months membership to ILM –Costs and process

3 Who are ILM? –ILM is the no.1 body for leadership and management, coaching and mentoring qualifications in the UK and Europe –ILM is also the largest, holding over 50% of the funded market for leadership & management qualifications in the UK, and issuing over 92,000 certificates annually against 30,000 from our nearest competitor –ILM is part of the City & Guilds Group, of which the City & Guilds of London Institute is incorporated by Royal Charter and founded in 1878 –Over 500,000 managers have taken an ILM qualification in 50 countries worldwide providing global recognition –There were 176million opportunities to view ILMs research in the national press last year enhancing our reputation for excellence –With over 130 qualifications, ILM has the most comprehensive suite of leadership programmes for all levels of managers –93% of employers see an improvement in their managers capability after an ILM qualification and are therefore more likely to employ managers who have an ILM qualification

4 What do we offer (an overview) An Awarding Organisation that offers a number of options/pathways within the Management/Leadership and Management/ Coaching and Mentoring disciplines. A consultative approach to supporting our partners in design, delivery and application of competences at all levels from team member to executive level Support for members through an on-line learning zone that compliments any learning/development Research results covering the subjects of the day As part of the City & Guilds Group we also offer access to their portfolio of products/programmes

5 Overview - ILM clients ILM centres/ providers over 2,600 active centres/providers (including 340 international) ILM learners 92,000 registrations in 2009/2010

6 ILM working with Universities Formal progression routes from ILM qualifications have been established with UK universities which include:- Edinburgh Napier Portsmouth Bath Spa Glamorgan Cranfield Warwick Northampton West England Gloucester Hertfordshire Bournemouth

7 As Employability becomes more and more important ILM is working with greater numbers of both FE/HE partners to offer options to their students/employees –Pathways that include ILM Qualifications –Enterprise Qualifications –Recognition options rather than full qual –Alumni membership offering ILM working with Universities 2

8 Already partnering successfully with the Future Leaders Programme (Endorsed) Understanding the options available –4 possible outcomes –Which meets our needs? –Which are possible? –What is required? –Practicalities? ILM working with Oxford Brookes

9 Understanding the Options 1234 Attendance Certificate Delegates leave with an Oxford Brookes branded certificate ILM Development Programmes where ILM as the Awarding Body gives recognition to your programme. No assessment ILM Endorsed Recognition Programme Same as Development Recognition but has formal assessment and possibility of pass or fail National Framework Qualifications NVQ or VRQ Only available if content fully matches programme specs and assessment

10 Possibility of building a pathway to cover all 4 options over time (if preferred) Attendance Certificate Development Recognition Endorsed Recognition National Framework

11 Build content on ILM suggested competencies (1) Based on Effective Team Member Skills –Understand what it means to be a member of a team –Understand the importance of communication within a team –Dealing with conflict within a team –Review your own performance within the team

12 Build content on ILM suggested competencies (2) Based on Innovation within the workplace –Understand what innovation is –Understand different types of innovation and correct application –Understand the drivers behind innovation –What enables promotion or hinders innovation –Use creative thinking within innovation –Implement and measure the impact of innovation

13 Build content on ILM suggested competencies (3) Based on Mentoring for Young Learners –The role of a mentor –Agreeing learning outcomes and potential barriers –Importance of effective listening and questioning –Agreeing outcomes –Undertake mentoring process –Ability to review and amend where necessary

14 Support through ILM Membership FREE 6 months trial Membership for all students giving support and information throughout your programme A specialist online learning and development portal – 21 essential management topics developed by the worlds top business schools and professors How it works – learners can chose from: 50 e-learning sessions, 100 video clips, 300 action tips and 200 fact sheets at a place and time that suits them News: Regular updates on the issues affecting manager Study support: e-books, e-journals and book summaries Edge: Online edition of ILMs leadership magazine Events: Expert speakers on key management topics Online community: 3,000 Linked In members; 700 Edge followers on Twitter

15 Costs Recognition Programme Costs –£200 add on fee –Development Recognition £46 per delegate –Endorsed Recognition £66 per delegate

16 Process Complete application paperwork and supply supporting material as requested such as content and measurable for Endorsed option

17 Any questions? Southern Business Manager Tony Pearson T: 0208 335 3405 M: 07837 202286 E-mail

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