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Social Media Listening Campaigns Intrapromote Introduction.

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1 Social Media Listening Campaigns Intrapromote Introduction

2 Presented by: Benjamin Hagedorn “For consumer research, Infegy‘s powerful analytics provide instantaneous consumer insight with context from up to 5 years of data” -Justin Graves, CEO.

3 Founded in 2007, Infegy ( is the provider of Social Radar, the industry’s most intelligent social media monitoring and web analytics Delivered through the cloud, Social Radar enables organizations to instantly listen and discern meaning from all of the conversations that occur every moment on the web and through social channels. Social Radar's analytics and algorithms extract valuable, sentiment- based and actionable information within a historical context used to develop successful marketing strategies and bring to market competitive and improved products and services that better meet the needs of consumers and business users. Social Radar is used by some of the world’s most innovative brands including Samsung, 3M, Sprint, Sony and General Mills, and Consumer Reports to determine market sentiment and to identify market needs.


5 Resoluti on Probl em Result Noted dip in sales severely impacting bottom line Identified negative sentiment around significant price announcement Launched retraction campaign in key channels, driving sales up after one quarter Sales Management Use Case

6 Pharmaceutical Use Case Mine for potentially risky online content on a daily basis. Comments were coded by risk levels with the most dangerous ones being reported immediately. This tracking touches many stakeholders across the company and allows client to address any potential risks almost immediately. Probl em Resoluti on Res ult A pharmaceutical company wanted to mitigate risk by tracking online conversations about all of its drugs.

7 A large CPG company was having trouble obtaining global competitive information on its niche competitors via traditional research methods Analysts used Social Radar to provide a review of major competitive brands. The data allowed the company to understand key strengths and weaknesses for each brand profiled. Allowing for better positioning against the competition. Probl em Resolut ion Res ult Consumer Packaged Goods Use Case

8 Social Media Listening Campaigns Listening and Research Stage Engagement Stage

9 Social Media Listening Campaigns

10 Customer Satisfaction Employee Morale Shareholder Value Brand Why worry about a listening campaign and engaging in conversations?

11 Word-of-Mouth with Social Media Widely accepted facts: – Word-of-Mouth (WOM) is key in affecting and influencing perception about a brand, consumer behavior and affiliation. Whether you are engaged or not, conversations are occurring with or without you: What they love... What they want you to improve... What they say when something goes awry... Recommending you... Bashing you...

12 Consumers Select Communities – Yes: Facebook, Twitter — ”Just the tip of the iceberg” – Google search – Fan sites – Industry and user forums – Blogs – Newsgroups – More

13 Evangelists & Vigilantes If you aren’t listening and representing your brand, employees may be compelled to do so Guidelines and Social Media Policy Turn them into your brand Evangelists

14 Vigilantes Customer prerogative may steer them to avoid ever calling you while they vent on line or “expect” you in the venues they frequent – Meet them in their venues and invite them into your processes – Turn these otherwise brand Vigilantes into your Consumer Evangelists

15 Beyond Marketing: A Game Plan & Support – Customer Service – Technical support – Public Relations – Consumer insight – Competitive intelligence – Risk and Reputation Management – Other

16 Plan for Success – Build a listening infrastructure with best practices in mind – Establish your goals, for example: Target a resolution and response metric & constantly improve upon it – 0-24 hours/24-48 hours/48-72 hours/72+ hours Decide on engaging B2C, B2B, or other segments Consider the value add first, the conversion second Insert here: IAB metrics/KPIs- not in hard terms degrees awareness, appreciation, IAB social media council.

17 Sustain Listening and Build Engagement Change the way you communicate with Customers and the communities they are sharing your brand in Document YOUR Best practices Assign Community Manager Create content calendar Ongoing listening and monitoring campaign And, more...

18 Case Studies



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