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Given by Mrs. Robinson AVID ~people like me: AVID PROJECT : NkdEhI?autoplay&s=HxdWAfQQRSg.

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1 Given by Mrs. Robinson AVID ~people like me: AVID PROJECT : NkdEhI?autoplay&s=HxdWAfQQRSg

2 What is AVID AVID (or Advancement Via Individual Determination) was designed by a San Diego teacher, Mary Catherine Swanson, to help the students “in the middle” get the skills they need to go to college. AVID is an elective class that is part of a complete college preparatory program.

3  Monday – AVID Curriculum  Tuesday – Tutorial w/ college tutors  Wednesday – AVID Curriculum  Thursday – Tutorial w/ college tutors  Friday – Binder evaluation,

4  Writing, reading, Inquiry and collaboration are the basis for the AVID curriculum  College and career information is disseminated at this time as are strategies for success such as Cornell Note taking

5 Topic: Essential Question Name: Class/Period Date Questions: after class Separate main ideas on the right side by chunking To “chunk”: draw a line across to separate each dif. Section of your notes (use a highlighter) For each chunk create a higher level question Notes: Organize notes (during class) Record only main ideas, key words and phrases Listen and take notes in your own words (paraphrase) Skip lines between main ideas; indent subtopics Use abbreviations and symbols (when appropriate) Use bullets to create lists and to organize notes Pay attention Review and Revise (after class) Circle voc. And key terms Underline or highlight main ideas Use * for info. That may be on the test Use question marks for point of confusion Summary:1.Read your notes and respond to the essential question 2.Write a 1 sentence response for each chunk 3.Re-read summary and make sure you understand everything

6  Tutorials are a primary component contributing to the success of AVID students. Based on the Socratic method, tutorials are an exercise in higher level thinking and questioning. College students facilitate the tutorials so that they operate in much the same manner as cooperative college study groups.  In order to benefit from tutorials, AVID students must come to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays prepared with their Tutorial Form (TRF) completed. Students failing to comply will only receive points for notes and reflection. It is important to note that even if a student is earning a grade higher than a 75 in all his/her classes, he/she is still expected to participate in tutorials twice per week because tutorials are an exercise in higher level thinking and problem-solving.

7  Student who have been enrolled in AVID for at least 3 years graduate and enter college at a rate of 93% according to a study at UCSD.  AVID has been an integral part of Freedom Middle School since 2010. AVID is also offered at Freedom High School.

8 1. What does AVID stand for? 2. What happens on Tuesday and Thursday? 3. What are Cornell Notes? 4. What percentage of students enter college after at least 3 years in AVID

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