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Decades of College Dreams

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1 Decades of College Dreams
“(AVID) will help us realize the ‘American Dream’—that through persistent effort and self-determination, all of our dreams can in fact become a reality.” - Jesus Medrano, AVID class of 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2 What is AVID? AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and takes the place of the exploratory rotation. It prepares students with academic potential, for success in Honors and AP level high school classes and in college. AVID uses trained tutors twice a week to conduct study seminars with the goal of supporting students with accelerated coursework and developing critical thinking. AVID is a rigorous academic program that prepares motivated students for accelerated courses and college. AVID strives to restructure the methodology of the school and open college success to more students.

3 How does AVID work? The goal of AVID is to educate the “whole student.” This is achieved by unifying six important elements of education: students, curriculum, faculty, tutors, parents and community.

4 Eastview Student Criteria
MAP scores between 50% and 75% Grades that average B+ to C+ Few if any discipline concerns Potential to excel in rigorous courses with support Input from 6th or 7th grade teacher Good attendance MOTIVATION!

5 How will AVID help my student NOW
Helps students with organizational and note-taking skills Helps build an academically focused community for students Helps develop students’ skills in collaborative and group-work Helps develop writing strategies Helps develop problem solving skills and higher level thinking

6 How will AVID help my student NOW (part 2)
Teaches the “unwritten curriculum” Increased opportunity to enroll and succeed in more challenging coursework Provides strategies to help raise test performances in classes and for the ISAT Introduction to college and career planning Opportunity for free tutoring twice weekly

7 How will AVID help my student LATER
Program runs all the way through high school and enrolled AVID students have first priority Increased opportunity to enroll and succeed in Honors/AP level coursework in high school Strategies to help raise test performances on the PSAE/ACT/SAT and AP tests in high school Increasing focus over time on college preparation and planning including College tours Financial guidance / work on the FASA Colleges are now asking for AVID on applications

8 Sample Schedule with AVID
First Period Pre-Algebra Second Period English Third Period Physical Education Fourth Period AVID Fifth Period Lunch Sixth Period Reading Seventh Period Social Studies Eighth Period Science

9 A Typical AVID Week Two days of tutoring sessions in specific content areas by trained tutors who are either current college students or college graduates Activities led by AVID teacher Strategy work from the AVID curriculum to be used in all classes Career and college readiness activities

10 A Sample Week in AVID AVID Curriculum includes: Writing Curriculum
College and Careers Strategies for Success AVID Tutorials Include: Collaborative Study Groups Writing Groups Socratic Seminars

11 College and Career Readiness Activities
AVID’s Key Components Tutorials Binders Cornell Notes WICOR Strategies College and Career Readiness Activities

12 AVID Tutorials Students must bring a question to tutorial sessions.
Tutorials happen twice a week Are provided by either current college students or college graduates Use a Socratic Seminar style of question Aim to both help students with current course questions as well as help students develop the higher level thinking strategies they need to be successful in more rigorous classes

13 AVID Tutorials Promote

14 AVID Binders Graded on a regular basis
Must include organized materials from all classes Each class gets its own tab in the binder Must include other key supplies (pens, pencils, calculator, highlighters)

15 Cornell Notes Two column notes Must take 4 Cornell notes per week
Are a major part of students’ AVID grade and avenue to increasing students’ study habits

16 Cornell Notes have the following components
The General Topic (written at the top) Two columns: Left column = key questions Right column = main ideas, notes / supporting information Students then write a summary at the bottom Sheets can be folded to use as study aides


18 WICOR Strategies WICOR strategies are used to develop students’ higher level thinking. WICOR stands for: W = Writing I = Inquiry C = Collaboration O = Organization R = Reading




22 College & Career Readiness
Interest inventories Research into careers & colleges Looking at what it takes to be admitted to colleges Test taking strategies Field trips to local colleges

23 AVID is For good students A college readiness program
An academic support system A contract for success A graded elective class An honors program Rigorous academic classes Creating lifelong learners

24 AVID is not A fad A remedial program An at risk program
A special education class A study hall

25 AVID in Review AVID is a full year elective class that features writing, inquiry, collaborative groups, organizational skills, and tutoring. AVID helps students be successful in more rigorous coursework than he/she would ordinarily take AVID students are enrolled in the most rigorous courses they can take based on each student’s background/ability AVID students are motivated to attend college but may not have the study skills to realize that dream AVID is a one year commitment, but one where students truly reap the benefits beginning the second year

26 Jim Nelson, AVID Executive Director
A Final Thought “In AVID’s definition, rigor is a method to be applied rather than a set of specific coursework materials; it is how student’s learn, not just what they learn, that is emphasized,” Jim Nelson, AVID Executive Director

27 NEXT STEPS: If AVID is the program for your student, please complete the application and turn in today before leaving. We can interview the students tonight. Once all applications are collected, the oversight committee will look at the student profiles and interviews. We will be in contact with families when the final decisions are made.


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