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If parents and teachers work together, students are more likely to be successful in school.

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2 If parents and teachers work together, students are more likely to be successful in school.

3 Introduction Mrs. Isabel Brenes 909-591-3902 x4752 Ms. Audrey Smelser AVID Coordinator 909-591-3902

4 Goals: 1. To provide parents with information on what the AVID program is. 2. Inform parents how AVID equips their child with the necessary tools needed to gain admission into a 4 year university


6 The Mission of AVID l Will succeed in a rigorous curriculum. l Will complete a rigorous college preparatory path. l Will enter mainstream activities at Don Lugo. l Will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges. l Will become educated and responsible. participants and leaders in a democratic society. Is to ensure that ALL students, and most especially the least served students who are in the middle:

7 What is AVID? AVID is an academic, regularly scheduled elective class based on writing as a tool of learning, inquiry method, and collaborative grouping. The three main components of the program are: academic instruction tutorial support and motivational activities

8 How does the AVID program contribute to the success of the students Teaches study and organizational skills Uses English as a writing tool for learning Strengthens their writing skills Gives tutorial help through tutors Teaches students to work collaboratively to be successful in the most rigorous courses Takes students to visit colleges and universities Assists students with the application process for four year colleges and universities Helps students explore careers through guest speakers, a research paper, and interviews.

9 Friday AVID Curriculum TutorialsAVID Curriculum Tutorials AVID Curriculum Binder Evaluation Field Trips Media Center Speakers Motivational Activities *(within block) Tuesday Monday Wednesday Thursday *Combination for Block Schedule A SAMPLE WEEK IN THE AVID ELECTIVE Daily or Block * Schedule AVID Tutorials: Collaborative Study Groups Writing Groups Socratic Seminars AVID Curriculum includes: Writing Curriculum College and Careers Strategies for Success *Combination for Block Schedule

10 Don Lugo AVID Student Profile s Average to High Test Scores s 2.0-3.5 GPA s College Potential with Support s Desire and Determination Students with Academic Potential May Meet One or More of the Following: s First to Attend College s Desire to attend College s Historically Underserved in 4-year Colleges s Free/Reduced Lunch s Special Circumstances

11 Commonly Held Misconceptions about AVID AT RISK ProgramNO! Affirmative Action Program NO! School Within A SchoolNO! For All StudentsNO! Quick FixNO! Only Affects A Few StudentsNO!

12 95% are enrolled in a college or university 71% are attending a four-year university 24% are attending a two-year college 75% of the graduates are working either full or part-time to send themselves through college California AVID Graduates CREATE, Center for Research and Evaluation in Education, 1999, Palo Alto, CA (AVID students in California schools)

13 The A-G requirements A. 4 years of English. B. 3 years of Math (Starting with Algebra 1) C. 2 years of History (1 year of American History/1 year World History) D. 2 years of Laboratory Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) E. 2 years of Foreign Language F. 1 year of Visual or Performing Arts G. 1 year of College Preparatory Elective For California State University and University of California

14 Sample 9th Grade Schedule! 1.English (CP/H) 2.Math (Algebra/Geometry) 3.Earth Science (CP/H) 4.PE 5. Lunch 6.World Geography/Health 7.Elective (AVID)

15 Student Application Process Get an Application and 2 Letter of Recommendation Forms Submit the completed Application and Recommendation Forms to Don Antonio Lugo Switchboard or your 8 th Grade AVID Teacher Interview information will be given via a letter at Ramona Junior High School. Interview at the the appointed scheduled time. Wait to receive a letter of Acceptance or Denial (beginning of June)

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