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4 “Why am I Here?” AVID is an ‘invitation only’ program Your 5 th grade teacher recommended you:  Work Ethic  Academic Ability  Behavior  Internal Motivation

5 AVID Students … Are in the academic ‘middle’ – make A’s, B’s, C’s Have the potential to be successful in advanced coursework. Are hard workers with a positive attitude. Are willing to seek and accept assistance. Are willing to devote extra time for academics. Are planning to attend a college or university. Strive to maintain and exhibit good character.

6 What is AVID? AVID is a daily, academic Related Arts class based on reading, writing, inquiry, organization, and collaboration. daily – students cannot take Art, Band, Drama, Strings, Gateway, or Technology. academic – there is homework! AVID consists of three components:

7 AVID Academic Curriculum Note Taking Skills Study Skills Test Taking Skills Reflections/Summaries/Resolutions Time Management Goal-Setting Learning Styles Public Speaking Higher Order Thinking

8 Tutorials

9 Motivation Field Trips Speakers Community Service Team Building

10 The AVID Elective is NOT… an AT RISK program. a Special Education program. a Gifted and Talented program. a study hall. a ‘School Within a School’. a ‘Silver Bullet’ quick fix. for students who are only disorganized. for all students.

11 Partners in Learning Students TeachersParents

12 AVID TEACHERS Safe, stimulating, challenging environment Academic support through study halls, tutorials, and collaborative learning Motivational support: field trips, guest speakers, college research, team building, and community service opportunities.

13 STUDENTS Follow the academic plan Maintain at least a ‘C’ average Maintain an AVID binder Fill out agenda daily Complete ALL homework and study nightly Three year commitment to AVID

14 PARENTS Provide a safe, nurturing home environment Provide quiet study time at home Review the binder and class notes Reinforce AVID expectations Stay informed about your child’s progress Listen, offer encouragement, guidance, and support Attend parent meetings and conferences

15 Friday AVID C urriculum Tutorial AVID Curriculum Tutorial Tuesday Monday Wednesday Thursday A SAMPLE WEEK IN THE AVID ELECTIVE AVID Tutorials: Collaborative Study Groups Writing Groups Socratic Seminars AVID Curriculum includes: Writing Curriculum College and Careers Strategies for Success Team Building Field Trips Speakers Community Service

16 Additional Info Student Paperwork: Intent to Apply & Parent Questionnaire due - Tuesday 4/16 Student Interviews 5/13 – 5/20 Notifications sent to schools by 5/30 Contact Info: AVID Elective/Coordinator Instructional Specialist

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