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David Walker Head of Procurement & Property Services, Aegon UK.

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1 David Walker Head of Procurement & Property Services, Aegon UK


3 Agenda Introductions Determinants of Change Tender Selection Process
Aspirations and Stakeholders Organisational Objectives Strategic Planning Project Organisation and Brief New Collaborative Model Sustainability

4 Determinants of Change
Business transformation challenge Turbulent business environment/ economy/ financial crisis Increasing focus on Risk Management The need for significant and positive long-term impact Sustainability Value for money Improved efficiencies Business performance

5 Tender Selection Process
APS innovative strategic plan and change management process Cultural fit and maturity of supply chain partners Collaborative model “One Team” approach

6 Aspirations & Stakeholders
To do something significantly different that underpinned efficiency, agility, collaboration, quality and value Buy in and inclusion of all stakeholders APS “One Team” Brand APS Strategic Plan Support Aegon’s Global Strategy

7 Organisational Objectives
Support of the overall Aegon Global Strategy Strategic planning and review Auditability Agility and flexibility Return on investment

8 Strategic Planning Staff structure Information management
Reporting/ benchmarking Relationship management Project/ programme management Compliance with policies and procedures Overall – to embed a world-class vision of service delivery

9 Project Organisation and Brief
Consolidate supply chain True outsourced model Synergies from an integrated approach Lean systems and processes Collective “Compliance function” Continuous audit and improvement Knowledge management

10 New Delivery Structure

11 New Collaborative Model
Extensive market research Key supply chain partners - FES FM and ARAMARK Reduced risk by retaining key relationships Long-term contracts Tender process run in parallel with APS’ internal restructuring Development of the governance model

12 New Collaborative Model (continued)
Strong partnerships formed working in collaboration Lean management structures (AUK – 3 FTE) Creating the APS brand 25% reduction in discretionary spend of Property Services budget Significantly improved risk management and compliance Continuous monitoring/ audit of service delivery

13 New Collaborative Model

14 New Collaborative Model

15 New Collaborative Model

16 Sustainability Pursuit of ISO Standards had to become part of ‘business as usual’ activity Integrated Management System Environment Management System accredited to ISO14001 standards Health and Safety System currently compliant with OHSAS standards Future aspirations working towards further ISO accreditations Partnerships working to reduce environmental impacts APS now responsible for all waste streams Enhanced performance of Aegon’s health & safety and environmental performance Recognised as a leader within Aegon’s worldwide group – supporting other country units

17 Head of Procurement & Property Services
Thank you for your time David J Walker Head of Procurement & Property Services Aegon UK


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