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ICT Services Suppliers Briefing Thursday, 17 September 2009.

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1 ICT Services Suppliers Briefing Thursday, 17 September 2009

2 Paul Shoesmith Delivering the vision – the future approach to accreditation and procurement

3 Main findings from focus group events Increasing support for managed services An amount of standard setting is required to allow the market to compete and drive efficiencies and innovation Managed services support delivery of higher quality service Collaborative purchasing can improve efficiency Minimum standard core provision with option to add modules

4 Common messages across consultation Reliability of technology Interoperability Standards Training Effective provision More education-focused and consultant-like Role of ICT support Value for money Funding Continuous improvement

5 Features of the desired model Develop a service culture so institutions focus on effective use of technology to support teaching and learning Raise awareness of the managed service offer, features and benefits Drive coherence and reliability of ICT systems through the adoption of open standards Increase interoperability between systems to drive efficiency and effectiveness Provide institutions with clarity to help them to design, implement and maintain their ICT systems Provide institutions with tools to help them deliver value for money from their ICT systems

6 Features of the desired model Develop the ICT technicians role to be more consultative and help institutions embed technology Develop stronger education / private sector relationships Define appropriate service levels that recognise the need for flexibility of risk and cost Create appropriate local choice to maintain innovation and creativity Develop a step change in ICT system performance Progress towards environmental sustainability

7 Next generation services – emerging delivery model Managed service integrators Fully integrated user facing service Core services Innovation services Innovation / Pilot Projects Infrastructure Service Connectivity Services Learning Services Data Services Integrated Services Schools preference – single provider, with clear accountability Desire from all to have common core platform, but allow for innovation Integrators capable of integrating all core service elements Defined minimum standards and SLAs, flexible for innovation work

8 Supply chain framework Purchasing framework Managed service integrator Supplier 1Supplier 2Supplier 3 Product A Product B Product C Product… …………. Product Z Local authorities / LEP / RBC engage with MSI via common competitive process MSI provides full catalogue of services via subcontract relationships New product suppliers allowed onto framework via accreditation scheme and commercial relationship with MSI to provide choice to customers Customers given comprehensive catalogue of products and services through simplified supply chain Supplier 1Supplier 2Supplier 3Supplier 1Supplier 2Supplier 3 Product A Product B Product C Product… …………. Product Z Product A Product B Product C Product… ……………… …… Product Z

9 The customer viewpoint I no longer worry about whether my ICT will work or not I can get access to the data I need to help me with my planning and to target interventions I know that I am getting value for money I have reduced my spend on energy It takes less than a minute to log on at the start of a lesson I was able to specify what I needed and to procure it through a single process

10 Providing input to the ICT services project Focus groups proved invaluable in understanding stakeholder requirements and priorities Further rounds of consultation now beginning in order to help inform the best procurement strategy and approach Only a limited number of respondents can be consulted via PwC. However, an open opportunity exists for everyone to have their say and provide feedback by participating via the online community at:

11 How can you help? Indicate your interest and initial views by completing the forms in the delegate packs Key areas we would like your views on include: Scope and structure of emerging ICT services procurement arrangement The most effective procurement route and approach The critical success factors to ensure that ICT services procurement arrangement is a success The key service cost drivers Service performance levels and the impact they have on costs

12 How can you help? A representative sample will then be selected and PwC will make contact during the next working week Information provided and used in the project will be treated anonymously Participation in the consultation will not give suppliers any competitive advantage in any subsequent procurement process

13 What are your immediate thoughts on the proposed scope and structure of the ICT services procurement arrangement? What will be the biggest challenges or opportunities in delivering the core and or innovation services described in the proposed delivery model? What are the key success factors in any accreditation of organisations in the supply chain? What industry-led models exist or are there other preferred models we should explore?

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