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Strategic Value of the HR Function Presentation by

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1 Strategic Value of the HR Function Presentation by
Non- Profit Group

2 Our Approach....... Purpose Vision, Mission and Core Values
Corporate Strategy HR Strategy and underlying approaches Key HR Practices Collaborating with Line Managers to achieve better Endnotes

3 Purpose Demonstrate the value HR function contributes to the achievement of the organisation’s goals Improve visibility of the HR function and contribution Clarify HR’s strategic offering to the organisation Improve subsequent HR Effectiveness scoring Explore how stronger relationship with Line managers will support delivery of team objectives

4 Mission, Vision and Core Values
Mission Statement “Making the world a better place for everyone” General Vision To Develop i.e. to be the best in the sector, to improve the experience of our clients Our Values Leadership Service Professionalism Integrity Diversity

5 HR Function Of non – profit organisation?

6 Non – Profit Corporate Strategy
Deliver value for money Achieve sustainable growth Ensure high quality of service

7 Non – Profit HR Strategy
Develop the culture, capability and environment to supports a performance driven organisation Attract, retain and develop talents to support the achievement of the organisation’s long term objectives Engage with employees to enhance their contribution to organisational goals Be an employer of choice

8 Underlying Strategic Approaches
Best Fit HR Strategy informed by the key organisational goals Supports the achievement of organisation’s overall objectives Corporate strategic goals driven through HR strategy Examples? Best Practice Pfeffer’s selection criteria considered in the design and implementation of key HR practices and initiatives

9 5 Levels of Vertical Integration (Torrington & Hall, 1998)
Separation Fit Dialogue Holistic HR Driven

10 Key HR Practices Recruitment & Selection Training & Career Development
Performance Management Reward Change Management Retention All aligned to organisation’s objectives

11 Key HR Contributions Recruitment & Selection
Communicate strong employer brand in recruitment campaigns Target recruitment of talents to a diverse labour market Key focus on Graduate scheme Build managers’ capability to identify and select talents Deploy relevant selection/assessment tools to test for organisational skills Explore electronic sorting of applications to a more efficient short listing Training & Career Development Focused development of management and leadership capability Talent management to support aspiration for career aspirations Encourage secondment across departments Skills audit to align employee training to business objectives

12 Key HR Contributions Performance Management Reward
Build line management capability for effective employee performance management – Communication, coaching, objective setting, Communicate strong employer brand in recruitment campaigns Develop interventions for developing leadership behaviours Raise the importance of people management in achieving organisational objectives Senior management performance/bonus linked people management and employee survey Reward Total remuneration strategy including – base pay, benefits Benchmarked internally and externally for competitiveness Linked to performance (What and How) to emphasis expected behaviours

13 Key HR Contributions Change Management Retention
Building line managers capability to manage change effectively Provide a framework for ensuring fair process for managing change Improve understanding of resistance to change and how to overcome Lead consultation and engagement with employees during change Retention Encourage internal movement of staff Develop action plans to improve employee engagement survey scoring Support line managers to build open & trusting relationships with individuals and teams Deploy framework for increasing employee involvement and participation

14 Collaborating with Line Managers
Build trusting relationship, seen as trusted advisor Involve in designing and obtain buy-in for HR initiatives Be accessible, supportive and visible Be business oriented, have good understanding of business processes Clarity of HR policies & practices Build people management capability Understand what the business wants and align with the HR strategy

15 The A.M.O. Model

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