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Water, Air, & Land Resources

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1 Water, Air, & Land Resources
Section 4.3 in textbook (pp. 108 – 112)

2 The Water Planet About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water.
What percent of water on the planet is usable fresh water? Less than 1% The Water Planet

3 Point Source Pollution: pollution that comes from a known and specific location
Example of Point Source Pollution: Leaking landfill or storage tank Freshwater Pollution

4 Nonpoint Source Pollution: pollution that does not have a specific point of origin
Example of Nonpoint Source Pollution: runoff Freshwater Pollution

5 Runoff: water that flows over the land rather than seeping into the ground
Freshwater Pollution

6 Types of Water Pollution
Disease organisms Wastes that remove oxygen from water Inorganic chemicals Organic chemicals Plant fertilizer Sediment Radioactive substances Types of Water Pollution

7 Air Pollution - Ozone What is ozone? How does it help the Earth?
O3, three oxygen atoms bonded together How does it help the Earth? Shields Earth from 95% of the Sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) radiation Air Pollution - Ozone

8 Air Pollution – Greenhouse Gases
What are they? Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor Why are they necessary? Absorb the heat that Earth emits, keeping the atmosphere warm enough to sustain life Air Pollution – Greenhouse Gases

9 Air Pollution What is the major source of air pollution?
Fossil fuel combustion (transportation) Air Pollution

10 Land Resources Why are mines necessary? What is a drawback of mining?
They produce many of mineral resources we need. What is a drawback of mining? Tears up Earth’s surface, destroys vegetation, soil erosion, create pollution How can agriculture cause damage to land resources? Groundwater depletion due to extensive irrigation Land Resources

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