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WASC Parent Focus Group #2: Organization October 8, 2012.

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1 WASC Parent Focus Group #2: Organization October 8, 2012

2 Tonight’s Objectives… To ponder each essential question within the component of discussion in a thoughtful and meaningful manner ▫If the question can be answered within the scope and context of our dialogue  Remember some questions may be relevant or applicable and some may not ▫Try to provide or cite specific examples within our dialogue  If unsure ask for clarification

3 Guidelines or Conditions for “Courageous Conversation” Speak your truth, keep it real (personal, local, immediate) Keep an open mind When necessary, allow yourself to feel some level of discomfort But, remain engaged Do not take or direct things personally We all have a valuable role in this process If necessary, accept non-closure

4 The Organization Vision and Purpose Governance Leadership and Staff Resources

5 Vision and Purpose Does the school has a clearly stated vision or purpose based on its student needs, current educational research and the belief that all students can achieve at high academic levels?

6 Tech High Vision Statement At Technology High School, students, staff, parents and our community partners understand what it takes to foster successful lifelong learning. All Technology High School community members have a voice and work together toward the development of the whole child; preserving their uniqueness while preparing them to be a productive, contributing member of our diverse society. The community promotes high expectations for academic excellence through five tenets. Student achievement is accomplished through innovative, powerful project-based teaching and learning of the standards-based integrated curriculum in a safe, caring small school environment. Students are empowered to manage their learning through the use of technology tools. Instruction is personalized and differentiated based on the learning styles of the student. Students are assessed using multiple measures which help guide staff in supporting student achievement. Standards-aligned research-based instructional strategies are the focal point of the school’s professional development program.

7 Tech High Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) Personal Integrity Effective Communication Critical Thinking Reflective Learning Citizenship and Global Responsibility

8 Governance… Does the governing Board of Trustees have policies and bylaws that are aligned with the school's purpose and support the achievement of the expected school wide learning results and academic standards based on data-driven instructional decisions for the school? Bottom line: does the Board of Trustees support the school?

9 Leadership and Staff… Based on student achievement data, do the school leadership and staff make decisions and initiate activities that focus on all students achieving the expected school wide learning results and academic standards?

10 Leadership and Staff (cont’d)… Does school staff facilitate achievement of the academic standards and the expected school wide learning results through a system of preparation, induction, and ongoing professional development?

11 Leadership and Staff (cont’d)… Are leadership and staff involved in ongoing research or data-based correlated professional development that focuses on identified student learning needs?

12 Resources… Are the school’s human, materials, physical, and financial resources sufficient and utilized effectively and appropriately in accordance with the legal intent of the program(s) to support students in accomplishing the academic standards and the expected school wide learning results?

13 Standards-Based Student Learning CURRICULUM

14 Curriculum… Do all students participate in a rigorous, relevant, and coherent standards-based curriculum that supports the achievement of the academic standards and the expected school wide learning results. Through standards-based learning ?

15 Curriculum (cont’d)… Do all students have access to the school’s entire program and assistance with a personal learning plan to prepare them for the pursuit of their academic, personal and school-to-career goals?

16 Curriculum (cont’d)… Upon completion of the high school program, are all students able to meet all the requirements of graduation?

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