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A DAY IN PRE-K CLARKE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT. Clarke County School District’s Vision Our vision is for all students to graduate as life-long learners.

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2 Clarke County School District’s Vision Our vision is for all students to graduate as life-long learners with the knowledge, skills and character to succeed in our community and the global society.

3 Clarke County School District’s Mission In partnership with families and the community, our mission is to inspire students to achieve at high academic levels through challenging and innovative learning opportunities that support the development of students’ individual talents.

4 Clarke County School District’s Belief Statements We believe that… Education is the key to a successful future. Each member of the school community has responsibility for working towards achievement of the district’s vision. High expectations promote academic excellence. The diversity of people, perspectives and practices strengthens our school district. A highly effective and innovative staff is essential to student learning. Frequent, clear and consistent communication is essential among all school district stakeholders. Positive learning environments are built on respect and encouragement where all individuals believe they can make a difference. Caring and trusting relationships among students and adults in schools are vital to encouraging and promoting meaningful learning. Safe, inviting, well-maintained schools are vital for teaching and learning. Education is enhanced through access to technological resources, flexible learning environments and quality facilities.

5 CCSD Pre-K Program Philosophy The Clarke County Pre-Kindergarten Program is based on the philosophy that parents are their child's first and most important teachers. The Pre-K staff is committed to working in partnership with parents and the community to increase educational opportunities available to students. We believe children learn best in classrooms where structured, age-appropriate activities are provided, as well as activities that embrace cultural and individual differences. CCSD Pre- K uses standards-based instruction that emphasizes growth in language and literacy, math, science, art, music, physical and social development. We believe children can reach their fullest potential when home and school work together toward common goals.

6 Pre-K Program Goals  To enhance the nurturing relationship between children and their parents/caregivers  To facilitate connections between families and schools by providing information and support to families  To provide a positive first experience at school by encouraging children to become life-long learners  To encourage children to think independently, critically and creatively  To help children make a distinction between good and bad choices  To teach children to value, accept and understand differences  To help children succeed in school by exposing them to a wide variety of experiences, familiarizing them with instructional language and strengthening connections between educational concepts  To increase parent/caregiver knowledge of age-appropriate educational practices and parenting skills


8 CURRICULA GEORGIA PRE-K CONTENT STANDARDS The Pre-K Content Standards were developed to provide a systematic foundation for instruction in all Georgia Pre-K classrooms. Pre-K Content Standards like the Georgia Performance Standards is the curriculum used to guide instruction and assess growth and development. OPENING THE WORLD OF LEARNING (OWL) Opening the World of Learning is a research-based and field-tested Pre-K curriculum resource designed to develop language and early literacy skills in the context of print- rich content. The OWL curriculum resource is used by the Clarke County School District Pre-K program to address all domains of the Georgia Pre-K Content Standards (language and literacy, math, science, art, music, physical and social development). BREAKTHROUGH TO LITERACY (BTL) Breakthrough to Literacy is a curriculum resource with multiple components. It’s major goal is to target emergent literacy and teach those skills necessary to become effective readers. Resources include interactive Big books correlated with Take-Me- Home books and computer programs for daily practice. HIGH SCOPE The High Scope daily schedule framework is used to provide developmentally appropriate experiences in which the child is an active learner through involvement with people, ideas, events and materials.

9 BUILDING BLOCKS OF A QUALITY DAY Sample Daily Schedule Morning Greeting/Calendar Time Literacy Groups Content Area Small-Group Time Large-Group Time Planning Centers/Work Time Recall Clean-up &Transitions Recess/Outside Time Nap-Time

10 MORNING GREETING/CALENDAR TIME Beginning the day/establishing a routine Reciting days of the week Reciting months of the year Using words to describe time periods (today, yesterday, tomorrow) Counting forward and backwards Identifying numerals


12 Various ways to utilize materials are limited only by the child’s imagination

13 LITERACY GROUPS Language Learning Literacy Skills (pre-reading skills such a as concepts of print, alphabetic knowledge, name recognition and writing) Oral Language Development Exploring Books Solving problems

14 CONTENT AREA SMALL-GROUP TIME Exploring Playing Choosing and working with materials Talking with group members Solving problems



17 LARGE-GROUP TIME Contributing ideas Making choices Actively participating Providing group leadership

18 PLANNING Choosing a Goal Anticipating Actions Expressing a Goal Carrying out Goal Making Changes


20 CENTERS/WORK TIME Carrying out intentions Playing with purpose Participating in a social setting Solving problems



23 CLEANUP & TRANSITIONS Bringing order to the classroom Learning Responsibility Interacting Accepting Change

24 RECALL Remembering actions Associating plans, actions and outcomes Sharing with the group Reviewing the activity


26 RECESS/OUTSIDE TIME Strengthening Gross/Large Motor Skills Applying/Practicing Social Skills Running, walking, exploring, swinging, climbing, pushing Pretending, inventing, making, building alone and with others Solving problems independently


28 PACT (Parent And Child Together) TIME



31 The Clarke County School District Pre-Kindergarten Program is helping our children prepare for school by providing age-appropriate experiences that enhance student learning. Recognizing that parents are the child’s first and most important teachers, the Pre-K program engages parents as one of the best ways to ensure a child’s success. The Pre-K daily schedule is filled with fun activities that develop skills and address individual needs. Children are encouraged to learn at their own level and pace. We have fun; come join us and share in the fun.

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