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SLAs – MAKING THE SHIFT. Session Goals Deepen understanding of Inspiring Education, Literacy and Numeracy Benchmarks (embedded in Curriculum Redesign)

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2 Session Goals Deepen understanding of Inspiring Education, Literacy and Numeracy Benchmarks (embedded in Curriculum Redesign) and NEW Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) being introduced in September 2014 Think Critically about Literacy Assessment Practices Model effective thinking and learning strategies

3 Anticipation Guide


5 Engaged thinker?


7 Top 10 Competencies Thinking Critically Knowing How To Learn Manages Information Innovation Communicates and Works Collaboratively

8 Top 10 Competencies Creating Opportunities Applies Multiple Literacies Solving Problems Connecting Learning to Career and Life Skills Global Citizenship

9 Student as problem solver…

10 KEY IDEAS MOVING FORWARD Whole child at the centre Focus on Inquiry and Discovery More Interdisciplinary Learning More diverse approaches to evaluate competencies Teacher as the architect of learning

11 TEACHER COMPETENCIES Innovative Passionate Positive about Teaching

12 Role of Technology Instructional Tool Support for innovation and discovery Support student as designer and creator of knowledge Assistive

13 Ministerial Order Key Concepts, Key Ideas 1. read the order, highlight words or phrases 2. Pair share highlighted items taking turns exploring items 3. Identify new thinking and questions emerging 4. Widen conversation with group

14 Student Learner Assessments And now over to Alberta Education Student Learner Assessments

15 Recapping SLAs Literacy and Numeracy not Language Arts and Math Cross Curricular For screening and programming Information relevant to student, teacher and parent September not June administration - grade 2 outcomes assessed full digital - not paper and pencil

16 Recapping SLAs very few exemptions results available to teacher within 24 hours innovative items new each year flexible administration - 10 day window in September teacher input has been and will be significant no timed items



19 LITERACY is… Interacting with and making meaning of your world Learned, applied and developed through a variety of experiences in and beyond the classroom walls The ability to acquire, connect, create and communicate meaning in a wide variety of contexts

20 NUMERACY… Numeracy is the confidence and habits of mind to engage with, critically assess, reflect upon and apply quantitative and spatial information when making judgements and decisions or taking action in all aspects of daily living.

21 Literacy and Numeracy Benchmarks Foundational to ALL student learning Designed to describe progress along developmentally appropriate continuums 3 components: Awareness, Knowledge and Understanding, and Strategies Underpin subject-discipline areas: Arts Education, Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Wellness Education


23 AB Ed assessment defined… Assessment is about student learning as well as evaluation of student progress. Assessment captures what students know, are able to do, and reflect on as they learn in relation to programs of study. Assessment is characterized by being supportive of all learning styles, being accessible for all students and providing evidence of learning through a balance of formative and summative approaches.

24 Assessment is meaningful, authentic, clear, timely and ongoing. “Classroom-based assessments need to progress learning by providing valid and reliable data while ensuring that the student is integral to the process.” Future curriculum will see the shift in assessment- as programs of study change, so too will classroom and provincial assessments.

25 QUOTE WALK 1. Choose 1 of the quotes from those provided. 2. Consider the quote in relation to the vision of assessment provided by Alberta Education 3. Circulate around the room sharing your thinking about your quote with a partner.

26 Teachers seldom have opportunities to create their own meaning and understanding about the new strategy or practice, much less dialogue with their colleagues about the possible benefits of such a practice as it relates to student learning and their own beliefs about student learning. Thompson, Gregg and Niska, 2004. Professional Learning Communities, leadership, and student learning.

27 We don’t learn from incident, we learn from patterns. We need to come out of our classrooms and learn from and with each other to see the patterns. Laura Lipton Recognize the difference between habit and choices – deconstruct unquestioned routines to determine effectiveness.

28 Shifting into action What are the changes you intend to make in relation to your assessment practices? Inside Outside Circle

29 Proudly brought to you by our sponsor… ERLC

30 QUESTIONS Thank you

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