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 What is Whoopin’ Weekend?  Schedule for conference  Host rules  FAQs  Background Check and Child Protection Training.

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2  What is Whoopin’ Weekend?  Schedule for conference  Host rules  FAQs  Background Check and Child Protection Training

3  Three day conference for high school juniors and seniors to get a first hand look at what it is like to be a student here!  Gives a chance to meet other juniors and seniors and current A&M students and create friendships and networks  Like HOSTS!  Experience:  Fightin’ Texas Aggie Basketball Game  Campus Tour  Performance groups  Discussion Group time with current students  Sit in on an A&M class  Mixer  Guest speakers

4  Friday night:  Participants attend mixer  Participants pick up their luggage from Koldus and head to dorms  Meet outside of dorm: ~11:00PM-11:30PM  Saturday morning:  Take participants to outside of dorm to meet Dorm Leaders ~8:30AM-9:00AM  Saturday night:  Meet outside of dorm: ~11:30PM-12:00AM  Sunday morning:  Take participants to outside of dorm and meet Dorm Leaders ~8:15AM-8:45AM

5  Represent Texas A&M and the Aggie Recruitment Committee  Please do not do or say anything that would misrepresent this University!  Must be with your guests when they are in the residence halls  Do not leave guests alone in your room  Escort them in, out, and throughout the building  Just like any other guests you have!  There should be no alcohol or drugs in the residence halls at all!  We also ask that you do not drink before the participants arrive to ensure that you will be a safe environment for them to stay in  Smoking is not allowed in the residence halls  Guests must be escorted every time they enter or exit the building, and walking about the building

6  Do not, under any circumstances, give guests keys to the room or your student ID to access the residence hall  They should be with you at all times anyway, so they will not need access by themselves  Please make sure guests know what to do in case of an emergency(how to call for help, how to exit the building during an alarm, where to find exits, etc.)  When available, introduce the guests to your R.A. or Hall Director. This will provide staff with the opportunity to get to know who is visiting in the building  If you have a problem with your guest, please notify us ASAP  Be friendly and inviting  Their experience here at A&M could be the deciding factor in their choice of university  SHARE YOUR STORY! They are here to see what life is like as an Aggie, so they want to hear about your experiences!

7  When will the participants be in my room?  Friday night ~11:00PM - Saturday morning ~8:30AM  Saturday night ~11:30PM - Sunday morning ~8:15AM  Do I need to provide bedding?  The participants will be bringing their own sleeping bags/pillows/blankets.  Am I allowed to take the participants off campus?  NO! Once the participants come to your room for the night, you all must stay there!  Can my friends come into the room while I have participants with me?  NO! Child Protection Training and a Background Check is required for interaction with minors. We ask that you do not let anyone in your room while there are participants there. It is only for a couple of hours.  How many people will be staying in my room?  No more than 2!

8  You MUST complete the Child Protection Training and fill out a Background Check form in order to host!  CPT instructions can be found on our website,  Email me for the password  If already completed, just email me the PDF of the certificate  Background Checks: you will receive an email from Texas A&M Human Resources (check your junk or spam folders)  Background Checks DUE by this FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21 st

9  Please do NOT take the participants off campus for ANY reason!!! We are all responsible if something happens, so we require that you stay in your dorm room at all times when the participants are with you. Please do not leave your dorm with your participants at any time except for when meeting Dorm Leaders Saturday and Sunday morning.

10  If, for any reason, you find out that you cannot host for Whoopin’ Weekend 2014, please contact me ASAP!!! 

11  Without your help our conference would not be possible!

12  kalanChoe&Awe$72  This password expires tomorrow!

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