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William Reid School Kindergarten Orientation Evening May 26, 2010 Welcome and Introduction André Charlebois School Info / Opening André Charlebois Kindergarten.

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1 William Reid School Kindergarten Orientation Evening May 26, 2010 Welcome and Introduction André Charlebois School Info / Opening André Charlebois Kindergarten ProgramCarrie-Anne Lisk The Nitty-GrittiesCarrie-Anne Lisk Safety and SecurityKelly Christopher TransportationKelly Christopher QuestionsAll

2 Information for Parents Our school newsletter and information is posted on our school website An important website for information about the Calgary Board of Education is The school office will reopen on August 23 rd. The phone number is 403-777-6940. You may also email us at or

3 School Hours 2010-11 Gr. 1-6(M-Th) 8:45-12:0312:55-3:20 Early Dismissal on Fridays @2:20 Morning Kindergarten 8:45 AM – 11:23 AM Afternoon Kindergarten 12:29 PM – 3:20PM Friday Dismissal @ 2:20 Regular attendance and punctuality are key

4 Arriving at School The first day of school for Kindergarten will be on Thursday, September 2 nd or Friday September 3 rd at 9:00am or 12:29pm. Regular Kindergarten classes and bussing will begin on Tuesday, September 7 th. A letter, confirming your child’s class placement and teacher, as well as staggered entry information will be sent in late August by email. Please contact the school office if you have not received your letter by August 23 rd.

5 Arriving at School Parents are asked to bring their children to school for staggered entry. We will meet outside the doors by the playground. Bussing for Kindergarten will begin on Tuesday, September 7.

6 Dismissal Students who take the bus are walked to the bus. Students who are picked up are released to an adult at the East doors. Please notify your child’s teacher if something different from the routine will be happening at dismissal.

7 A Typical Day in Kindergarten

8 The Nitty-Gritty

9 Communication We believe communication between the school and home is essential. Methods of communication will vary but include: personal contact, backpack mail, email, and phone calls. If you have a concern related to a classroom issue, the proper protocol is to bring it up with the teacher, and then with administration if it has not been resolved. For a school-wide issue it is appropriate to bring it to administration right away.

10 School Supplies/Fees All fees except bussing fees will be collected in September. The CBE Instructional Supplies and Materials (ISM) Fee of $15 covers the cost of classroom supplies. There is no need to purchase any supplies for school.

11 Activity Fee Curriculum-related field trips and special guests are scheduled throughout the school year. The activity fee of $25.00 per student covers the cost of some field trips, visitors and special guests. Additional funds may be requested if needed.

12 Volunteering in the classroom Our volunteer program usually begins in October. We will ensure there is a fair rotation of volunteers, so all who wish to do so, will have the opportunity to help along the way. According to CBE Policy siblings are not able to accompany their parents when they volunteer.

13 School Council Consults with and advises school administration on any matter relating to the school Works for the collective good of students A great way to understand more about what is happening at the school and to have a greater voice in school matters.

14 Safety and Security CBE Volunteer Registration All volunteers must obtain a CBE security clearance from the Calgary Police Service that is valid for 5 years. There is no charge for this process. You will need to present two pieces of government identification when you complete the application form. If you fill out the forms tonight, you will be ready to go in the fall.

15 Safety and Security We ask that all parents and visitors enter the school by the front door only. All visitors must first report to the front office, sign in and pick up a nametag. Kindergarten parents are asked to drop off and pick up students at the East Door by the playground. Students who need to leave during the school day must be “signed out” at the office. If your child will be absent or late, or will not be taking the bus home, please send a note to the teacher or call the office (403-777-6940).

16 Kindergarten Transportation

17 Bus Packages The cost for bussing this year is $200. If you have not already picked up a bus package, please pick one up at the office before you leave. They need to be back at the school ASAP.

18 Bus Schedules and Maps Bus schedules will be available here at the school beginning on August 30, 2010. We will ask you for information about your child’s bus stop during staggered entry. You can pick up the schedules at that time if you wish. Transportation for Kindergarten students will begin on Tuesday September 7 th. We encourage kindergarten students to start taking the bus at that time.

19 Where Are The Bus Stops? A bus stop will be placed within approximately 800 meters of your home. If your child will be going to childcare before or after school, you can access the nearest bus stop that is already in place. A bus stop will not be created to be close to a dayhome or a daycare.

20 Bus Safety The safety of our children on the bus is very important to us. Children will not be dropped off at a bus stop unless someone is there to pick them up. Kindergarten children are always escorted between the bus and the school by a school assistant or a “bus buddy.”

21 Planning For Next Year We currently have 34 Kindergarten registrations. Right now we are planning for two kindergarten classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If we were not able to place you in the class you requested, we have put you on a wait list for that class. Class lists are posted on the bulletin board outside the library.

22 Questions?

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