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Remember our Goals! Goals for 2011: – Raise $125,000 – Have 125 teams – Have 1,500 participants.

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2 Remember our Goals! Goals for 2011: – Raise $125,000 – Have 125 teams – Have 1,500 participants

3 Updates! 18 Days Left Until RELAY! We Currently Have… o 116 Teams o 927 Participants o Raised $69,970.44 o Top Team is Team Cindy ($4,130) o Top Participant is Julie Connatser who has raised $2,105

4 Don’t Forget our Theme: CARNIVAL! Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time  1 ticket=$1.  All things sold at the event are based on tickets (and cash).  You can fill out the form online (via the Team Captain’s Corner) by April 1st  ticket stand

5 T-Shirts & Reg. Fees T-Shirt deadline has passed. If you missed out, you are encouraged to make your own! Use a Carnival theme. A prize may be awarded to the most creative t-shirt Registration fees are now $20

6 Survivors Please register a survivor, even if they can’t come to the event All survivors who come to the event will participate in the survivor lap and the survivor dinner If your survivor is unable to attend, we will still send them a gift

7 Luminaria Buy Luminaria bags tonight for $5.00 Bring them home and decorate them!

8 We Need Volunteers! WE NEED YOU! * Interested in volunteering on the night of Relay?? We could use your help! * You can volunteer at a station with your team. * It's only a small time commitment (~1 hour). * You can do things like: * Luminaria * Fundraising * Registration * Finance * Activities: Carnival, basketball tournament, etc * Team Development * Food/Beverage If interested please contact Volunteer Recruitment Chair: Monica Laguna (

9 Bank Night – April 10 The Team Captain or representative from the team must stop by the Faculty Dining Room between 7:30pm and 9:30pm on Sunday, April 10th to pick up t-shirts and various materials, and drop off any remaining money

10 Day of Relay Check-In 3:30-5:30pm Registration/Check-in will close from 5:30- 6:30pm for opening ceremony. You must check-in and arrive no later than 5:30pm! Doors will lock and re-open at 6:30pm for additional check-in. Check-in will be by individual participant this year. They will be granted their wristband at the table

11 List of Things to Bring/Not Bring List of things TO bring to the Relay for Life: Decorations for your campsite that represent your team’s theme Team Spirit! Bring anything that shows your team’s spirit! Snacks Cash/QCASH –team fundraisers, and luminaria bags, etc. Unopened cases of water for your team to drink and refill Blankets/sleeping bags/pillows Supplies if your team is doing a fundraiser List of things NOT TO bring to the Relay for Life: Helium balloons Liquids of any kind other than unopened bottles of water Tents Alcohol Bags will be thoroughly checked by QU Security prior to entering the Rec Center

12 Night of Relay Games! We will be having basketball and dodgeball tournaments during Relay. Teams should sign up to play. $5 per team to play basketball $5 per team to play dodgeball. We don’t know the times that these games will be happening just yet if you want to sign up, email: With the name of their team.

13 Fundraising ALL Teams should plan to have a fundraiser the night of Relay (Make Bracelets, sell ribbons, sell baked goods) Email to reserve a table and a time. All proceeds go towards your team’s total. Give them ideas! Consider a fundraiser in the residence halls. Talk to your RA! Do a fundraiser in the Student Center! We have tables reserved, just email us!

14 How to Fundraise? Send out emails!!! – The worst that can happen is they don’t reply or they say no Make a Personal or Team Donation – Kickoff your own fundraising efforts by making a donation to yourself or to your team. Sometimes it just takes one person to start the ball rolling. Encourage your team members to follow your lead.

15 Double Your Money Through Matching Gifts Many employers offer matching gift programs. Your $50 donation could turn into $100 just by asking your human resources department if they have a matching gift form and reminding friends and family who support you to do the same!

16 Fundraising Incentive Program This year, Relay For Life of Quinnipiac University is introducing something brand new...The Fundraising Incentive Program. A sheet that you can access from the RFL page shows the gifts that you will receive for the money you raise. You may redeem your gift at any time, you just have to email us ( to get the code. Once you redeem your gift code, you may not get another even if you achieve another

17 Would your team like to hold a fundraiser at Relay?! We have tables reserved for teams that would like to hold a team fundraiser the night if the event. Contact Julie Connatser by email:

18 “Like us” on Facebook! Relay for Life of Quinnipiac University 2011 Get all the updated news!

19 Want to Be an Event Co-Chair? We are looking for a new event co-chair next year An application will be sent out via the updates email and everyone is invited to apply. They are due by March 31 st.

20 Make Use of Our Website Fundraising ideas Fundraising ideas E-mail templates E-mail templates Updates on information Updates on information FAQ’s FAQ’s

21 Tonight! Drop off donations Buy luminaria Pay registration fee in cash, check, or QCASH – Don’t have money, you can pay later Any questions? – E-mail – Come talk to us after the meeting

22 Thanks for coming out tonight!

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