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OCFMA Spring Conference October 29, 2013 Spencer Wood, Associate Director Maintenance and Operations Lindsay.

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1 @SustainHumber OCFMA Spring Conference October 29, 2013 Spencer Wood, Associate Director Maintenance and Operations Lindsay Walker, Sustainability Manager

2 Sustainability “Meeting contemporary needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.” - UN World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987 In Humber’s 2013-2018 Strategic plan, Sustainability is one of our 6 values, and there is a success outcome: “Humber has embraced a comprehensive sustainability strategy that is embedded in our integrated planning and resource allocation model”

3 Overview: Sustainability Engagement at Humber Past Limited engagement and communication Action Plan Sustainability Committee Operational changes Some student involvement Present Building engagement & communication STARS Silver Curriculum Partnerships Future A culture of sustainability Sustainability Strategy New LRC building LEED Silver

4 Sustainability at Humber: Present We are Building Engagement through: STARS Communication & Events Curriculum & Partnerships

5 Sustainability at Humber: STARS AASHE: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education – Humber became a member in August 2012 STARS: Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System – Widely adopted throughout North America – Provides a meaningful, transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance You can only manage what you measure.

6 STARS: There are four main categories to earn credits Education and Research Co-Curricular Education Curriculum Research Operations Buildings Climate Dining Services Energy Grounds Purchasing Transportation Waste Water Planning, Administration & Engagement Coordination & Planning Diversity and Affordability Human Resources Investment Public Engagement Innovation These credits recognize: Creative and innovative strategies implemented on campuses Areas where a campus has exceeded credit criteria Sustainability at Humber: STARS

7 First college in Ontario and third college in Canada!

8 BUILDING ENGAGEMENT Sustainability at Humber: STARS Makes information on what Humber does publicly available, easily accessible to everyone See tangible work on the commitment Humber has made to sustainability Raise awareness about sustainability throughout college Sparks communication and collaboration throughout the college Provides rigorous, nationally recognized assessment framework Benchmark with peers Supports achievement of strategic goals Use information from STARS results supporting information for new initiatives Incorporate STARS initiatives into courses, projects BUILDING ENGAGEMENT

9 Sustainability at Humber: STARS What’s involved: 1 full time staff – 6 months 1 full time workstudy student – 4 months 10 volunteers – 6 hours each Staff time AASHE membership STARS membership Launch events (food, marketing, etc.) Money Launch Event Updates Awareness Communication Need help and information from many departments Build buy-in through communication and executive support Buy-in During process For future questions For future re-assessment Tracking

10 Sustainability at Humber: STARS Some of the ‘tough’ stuff: – Curriculum inventory Student volunteers to read course outlines – Yard waste numbers (we did track it previously) – Vehicle mileage (we tracked, but it needed updating) – “You don’t know (to ask) what you don’t know” – Collecting student volunteer hours – Getting others to understand the full breadth of sustainability – e.g. Human Rights

11 Sustainability at Humber: Communication and Engagement


13 Green Team Events!

14 Sustainability at Humber: Curriculum and Partnerships Approach: Act as a Catalyst The more we communicate and engage, the more momentum grows, and the more we can do Integrate with curriculum as much as possible Coordination with Operations and reviewing infrastructure Engagement through events, collaboration and participation

15 Sustainability at Humber: Curriculum and Partnerships Recycling and Waste Management – Curriculum Partnership: 2013 recycling campaign created by graphic design students – Operations Partnership: Work collaboratively with food services, cleaning and hauler

16 Sustainability at Humber: Curriculum and Partnerships

17 Sustainability at Humber: Curriculum Now: – Business students researching on-site composting technologies Future: – SEBT students to do energy auditing – Event Planning students run events (?) Faculty connection: – Asking directly how sustainability could be integrated (through Deans, Associate Deans)

18 Sustainability at Humber: Future Create Sustainability Strategic Plan Align with Humber’s Strategic Plan, student and staff input, findings from STARS Grow Green Teams & create support structure Engagement Continuous Improvement Annual Sustainability Report Measure: energy, water, waste, engagement, curriculum, etc. Review Committee Structure


20 Thank you! Questions? To find out more go to our website, email us and follow us on twitter! Website: Email: @SustainHumber

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