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Job Seeking Skills 201.02 Participate in a job interview.

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1 Job Seeking Skills 201.02 Participate in a job interview

2 Arrange for an Interview  Name and Position of the interviewer Correct pronunciation Write down information  Appointment Call for interview Plan what you want to say Speak clearly and distinctly Explain reason for calling immediately Short phone conversation  Don’t try to sell yourself

3 Timing is everything  Arrive a few minutes early  Know directions  Be sure of transportation

4 Conversation with a Purpose  Employer wants to find out about you  You want to find about the company  Let the interviewer lead the discussion

5 First Impressions Count  Look like you are a good employee Avoid dress that calls attention Not too tight, too short, too baggy  Skin, hair, nails clean and neat Avoid excessive perfume/cologne Tic Tacs are good  Introduce yourself right away  Firm handshake

6 Who Would You Hire?

7 Positive Attitude  Take advantage of questions to provide information  Take samples of your work  Mention further education Ask about training opportunities  Show letters of recommendation  Qualifications and abilities Arrange in your mind

8 Filling out a Job Application  Print neatly and clearly  Be accurate – never lie  Use a blue or black ink pen Take one with you  Read and follow instructions  Watch spelling and grammar  Re read all information for accuracy

9 Filling out a Job Application  Do not leave blank spaces Draw a line through a space or write NA Have previous work experience written down Have names and addresses of references Have education information Have drivers license and/or social security numbers

10 Do Not  Criticize past employers  Discuss hours, salary, benefits until close of interview  Try too hard to make and impression Be yourself  Argue with the interviewer  Plead how much you NEED the job

11 In the End  Leave promptly  Thank the interviewer for their time  Write a “Thank you” letter immediately after interview

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