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Applying for a job.

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1 Applying for a job

2 Applications Form that asks questions about your skills, work experience, education and interests

3 Hints to filling in an application
Read it first all the way through Follow directions Be truthful, neat, and complete Write NA on blanks in which you do not have a response for Use blue or black ink Do not cross something out- use white out

4 Many employers now use electronic application centers at their locations or allow people to apply on line. How does this benefit the employer and applicant? How could this hurt the applicant

5 Resume and Cover Letter

6 Resume Terms term definition Job objective Work experience Education
Honors and activities State the job that you are applying for List all work you have done, include volunteer List schools attended and dates Awards you have received and groups you are a members of

7 Resume terms terms definitions Special skills and abilities
Skills you have that will help with the job

8 Resume Hints Keep the resume short- 1 page
Resume should be well organized Resume should be easy to read Resume should be free of errors Use black ink Headings in capital letters

9 Cover Letter Tell who you are Tell why you are sending the resume
Takes place of your handshake Tell highlights about yourself related to job you are seeking

10 Parts of a cover letter term explanation Your name and address Date
Company name and address Salutations opening Who is sending the letter Date letter is written Who you are sending it to Dear Introduce self, state job applying for, how you found out about the job

11 Parts of a cover letter term explanation Main body Closing name
Describe skills and experiences you have for the job. Tell that a resume is attached Ask for an interview, thank person for time and interest, include way to contact you Sincerely and your name in cursive and print

12 Cover letter tips Write in business format Single space
Left side flush Each paragraph followed by a blank line

13 Why is a cover letter like a hand shake?

14 The interview and follow up letter

15 Preparing for the Interview tips
Learn as much about the job as possible before the interview Practice or role play interviewing Dress a bit better than you would on a normal day Be neat, clean, well groomed Loose most of the jewelry, perfumes, and make up

16 The day of the interview tips
Have a positive attitude Smile Be enthusiastic Good eye contact Completely answer all questions Speak clearly and at a speed that can be understood

17 The day of the interview tips
Strong handshake Maintain good body posture Introduce yourself to the interviewer Eliminate nervous actions When leaving, shake hand again, smile and make eye contact

18 Common interview questions
What can you tell me about yourself? What are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest weaknesses? Do you prefer to work alone or with someone? Why do you want this job? What are your career goals?

19 Common Interview questions
Why should I hire you? What was the hardest challenge you have ever faced? How would you handle the following situation? … What are some of your hobbies How would someone describe you?

20 Follow Up Letter A short thank you note

21 Parts of a follow up letter
On the envelope Your return address Address and name of person you interviewed with

22 Parts of a Follow up letter
Inside the letter Date Dear and name of interviewer

23 Parts of the follow up letter
One paragraph should include thank you for interview remind them the job you interviewed for remind them of your qualities remind them why you should have the job thank them again for time and patience Sincerely, your name in cursive and in print

24 Follow up letter tips Single space Left side flush
Use blue or black ink No misspellings Spell the name of the interviewer correctly

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