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EMPLOYMENT SKILLS Job Application Interview & Work Skills.

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1 EMPLOYMENT SKILLS Job Application Interview & Work Skills

2  Check with businesses, friends and relatives for job openings.  Applications can often be obtained, completed and then returned to businesses.  ALWAYS be professional and likeable.

3 LETTERS of APPLICATION If you would like to apply for a position that is not in your community, you may wish to send a LETTER OF APPLICATION.

4 Your Name Your Street Your City, State, Zip Code The Person to whom you are writing His/Her Title Street City, State Zip Code Dear ____________: OPENING PARAGRAPH: State why you are writing. Name the position or type of work for which you are applying. If possible, identify how you heard of the job opening, if you know that there is one. MIDDLE PARAGRAPH: Explain why are are interested in working for this employer. Use personal references such as your educational background, former jobs you have had, and your knowledge of the business for which you want to work. A resume should always be sent with a letter of application. Ask for application forms and information about the organization if you do not already have these materials. CLOSING PARAGRAPH: Suggest a time period when you are available for an interview. For example, you might indicate that you will contact them to make a specific appointment, or that they can request further information from you. Let them know you are interested in an immediate reply to your letter. Sincerely, Your Signature Your Name Enclosure

5 JOB APPLICATION Fill out the application form HONESTLY and COMPLETELY. Use a pen and write neatly.

6 INFORMATION may be collected from:  Birth Certificate  Social Security Card  Driver’s License  Resume  Portfolio

7 EMPLOYER MAY REQUIRE:  Special Permits  Food Handlers  CPR Certificate  1st Aid Training  TB Test  Blood Test  FingerPrint

8 The INTERVIEW!  Be PROMPT  Arrive about 10 minutes early.  Find the location of the interview BEFORE the day of the interview.  INTRODUCE yourself in a courteous manner  Be PLEASANT  In both VERBAL and NONVERBAL language  Be attentive, alert and interested - LISTEN too.  DO NOT chew Gum

9 Your DRESS and APPEARANCE How you LOOK makes a statement before you even open your mouth! First Impression = Appearance

10 Does APPEARANCE MATTER … YES! Clothing should be:  Appropriate for the job being sought  Clean and pressed  Conservative Personal Grooming  Hair, Beards, Nails,  Breath - Body Odor Avoid: Excessive make up, perfume, jewelry, or extreme styles Http://

11 QUALITIES EMPLOYERS ARE LOOKING FOR: 1- Communication Skills (written & verbal) 2- Honesty and Integrity 3- Teamwork Skills - getting along with others 4- Interpersonal Skills 5- Strong work ethic 6- Motivation / Initiative 7- Flexibility 8- Analytical Skills (Problem Solving) 9- Computer Skills 10-Organizational Skills

12 Interview QUESTIONS to Expect and Prepare for:  Tell me about yourself?  Why should I hire you over others?  Tell me about a time you had a problem and how you solved it?  What are your strength … weakness?  How would you handle a difficult situation or person?

13 You got the Job - NOW KEEP IT!  Find a Job you will ENJOY!  Be ON TIME - Don’t abuse SICK LEAVE  Be a HARD WORKER-Get the Work DONE  Follow RULES  Keep a LEARNING ATTITUDE  Do Not GOSSIP  HELP in any way possible  Work WITH not AGAINST other employees

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