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Love yourself slim 1 Love in in the air…. Love is not: Love is not about being perfect Love is not about ignoring or being blind to imperfections and.

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2 Love yourself slim 1

3 Love in in the air…. Love is not: Love is not about being perfect Love is not about ignoring or being blind to imperfections and flaws This is infatuation

4 Love yourself slim Love isn’t about being perfect of flawless, this is infatuation Resentment is the extreme opposite of infatuation 3

5 Love versus infatuation “Infatuation only sees the positives, it is blind to the negatives, resentment only sees the negative, it is blinds to the positives. Love witnesses both equally and accepts both 4

6 What’s the story with putting myself first? Its about valuing yourself as much as you value others. Not compromising all the time and not being a door mat all the time Its about Doing what’s best for you as well as others Self-love isn’t selfish!

7 Love yourself slim Only liking yourself when you are slim is infatuation not love 6

8 Self love Is liking yourself, respecting yourself and honouring yourself and believing that you are worthy of love and respect irrespective of the way you look right now. Self-love is valuing yourself and knowing you are worthy irrespective of your weight 7

9 Signs that you do not love yourself You undervalue yourself and over value others You are a perfectionist You believe you aren’t good enough and don’t see your value You only like yourself when you are perfect and on task, you feel guilt or shame when you fall off the wagon

10 The effects of disliking your body Body image dissatisfaction Body image anxiety Body shame Frustration Stress on the body 85% of people gain weight under stress 9

11 where are you on this scale Negatives, flaws, ugly, not ideal Ideal, beauty, positives, qualities Resentment Low self-esteem LoveInfatuationHigh self-esteem

12 Social impacts on body image Image portrayed in the media and popular culture Image of extremely lean and thin women Women compare themselves to these women and believe that these images are the norm for health and beauty These images are not representative of the average women at all Image portrayed in the media is only achievable by 5 % of the population according to Social Issues Research Centre in UK When women compare themselves to what they believe is the norm and do not match (Which 95% of women don’t) they develop body image dissatisfaction 11

13 What is culture teaching us through the media That fat is bad, ugly and unhealthy We now have perfectly healthy size 8 women calling themselves “Skinny fat” Skinny fat means thin women with a small pot belly or muffin tops We are constantly attacking “fat” We have been programmed to think that fat is ugly As a result this is creating body –hatred even in healthy women 12

14 Self-love Has not got anything to do with appearance or beauty You may not see your body as beautiful but you can still love it Love see both imperfections and beauty equally If you dislike your body you are only looking at the imperfections In your mind (Excess fat is the imperfection) 13

15 Love yourself You are worthy of love and respect irrespective of your weight or body fat % We have learnt to resent fat (But remember resentment is the extreme opposite of infatuation) If we have learnt to resent fat, we can learnt to like fat and neutralize the resentment 14

16 Love yourself slim Liking fat doesn’t mean you will continue to allow yourself to be overweight and one day become obese Its about stopping to attack and resent our bodies 15

17 Fat isn’t resentful Sure there are the negative side of fats- Cholesterol, heart diseases … But with anything negative there are positives (The balance theory) Fat is healthy – Essential to life, all your hormones are made of fats, all your cells are made of fats, nerve cells cannot live without fat, fat protects your vital organs Fats give taste and texture to food Fat keeps your eyes healthy Fat keeps your hair and skin smooth 16

18 Self-confidence Not to be confused with self love Self-love is accepting ourselves the way we are and believing in our worth and value irrespective of the way we look Confidence is about being comfortable in your body (Even though you may not necessarily think it is beautiful) Confidence tips: Walk around the house naked Look at yourself in the mirror naked Get to know your body and be comfortable with your own body 17

19 Neutralize low self-esteem This is a belief that you have about yourself that you are not loveable or worthy of love Do the defining moment worksheet for self-love and the letting go of limiting belief script 18

20 Self-love exercise Collect compliments from others in a list Make a list of all the things you love about yourself including your body- This list must constantly grow! Think in terms of nourishing yourself- This is a kind act of love A mum feeding a baby is an act of love, caring and nurturing- so nourishing yourself is also an act of love Give yourself pleasure 19

21 Self-love isn’t about ignoring your flaws –this is infatuation Self love is very much accepting your flaws although you wish you didn’t have this flaw The EFT tapping technique can assist you with acceptance- Listen to the EFT tapping master class for self-love 20

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