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Body Image Developed by UNC Counseling & Wellness Services for the Department of Housing & Residential Education.

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1 Body Image Developed by UNC Counseling & Wellness Services for the Department of Housing & Residential Education

2 An inner view of your outer self, or your perception of your body which is often not based on reality What is Body Image? Body Image has four components: Visual Mental Emotional Kinesthetic

3 How you “see” yourself when you look in the mirror V ISUAL K INESTHETIC E MOTIONAL M ENTAL What you believe and think about your appearance How you feel about your body, including height, weight, & shape How you feel in your body, not just about your body

4 Body is just an extension or expression of self Positive Body Image Doesn’t measure worth by weight or size Doesn’t buy into “ideal” or “perfect” body Realistic perception of shape/size R EALISTIC P ROUD E XPRESSIVE C OMFY good-body-image.html barbies-ken-in-toy-story-3/

5 You might have a distorted, unrealistic perception of your shape. You might perceive parts of your body as larger or smaller than they actually are. V ISUAL K INESTHETIC E MOTIONAL M ENTAL You might believe yourself to be ugly or unattractive because you are convinced that only certain types of features are attractive, or you believe that what you like is irrelevant, and all that matters are the characteristics of which others approve. The combination of your distorted perceptions and your self-rejecting ideals leads you to feel ashamed, self- conscious, and anxious about your body You might not feel comfortable in your body. You do not express yourself with and through your body, for example in sports or dance. Negative Body Image

6 Three Contributing Factors of Negative Body Image Cultural pressures that glorify “thinness” and place value on obtaining the “perfect body” Narrow definitions of beauty that include only women and men of specific body types and weights Cultural norms that value people on the basis of physical appearance and not inner qualities and strengths Social Factors Low self-esteem Feelings of inadequacy or lack of control in life Depression, anxiety, anger, or loneliness Psychological Factors Troubled family or personal relationships Parents who have disordered eating habits (“super healthy,” binge eating to deal with stress, harmful/chronic dieting) Difficulty expressing emotions or feelings History of being teased or ridiculed based on size or weight History of physical or self-abuse Interpersonal Factors

7 ? How Can I Foster Positive Body Image? ? ? ?

8 Promote Acceptance in: One’s Self One’s Community The Media Value and accept one’s body Focus on healthy living and having a healthy body Disavow media that promotes unrealistic societal pressures Reduce unrealistic societal pressures by surrounding yourself with healthy family and friends

9 Remember, healthy people come in ALL shapes and sizes! Replace Body Criticism With Non- Judgmental Observation What do you like about your body? What can your body do for you? What is unique about your body?

10 Use Positive Self-Talk First, examine your attitudes, beliefs, prejudices, and behaviors about food, weight, body image, physical appearance, health, and exercise. Then try speaking positively to yourself throughout the day! I can do anything that I set my mind to Exercise is a time for me to become stronger I am worthwhile, confident, and happy

11 For More Information: Counseling & Wellness Services Phone: 919-966-3658 CWS offers individual counseling and assessment services as well as campus events and small group programs on a variety of topics, including nutrition and weight management. They offer free individual nutrition consultations with a nutrition education consultant! Also check out the Fitness & Exercise and Nutrition sections of the Virtual Health Library for lots of info. Body Positive: Boosting Body Image at Any Weight Body Positive offers an array of articles and tools on developing and maintaining a healthy body image, no matter what you weigh. While being at a healthy weight is important and can prevent future health problems, it is equally important to feel good about yourself no matter where you’re at.

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