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Poetry Unit Grade 9.

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1 Poetry Unit Grade 9

2 Textbook pg. 668 – Write the notes in your notebook – reading section.
The Language of Poetry Poets must make decisions about how best to communicate their feelings and ideas. Form: Traditional Poems or Organic Poems Traditional Poems Fixed rules – specific lines Regular pattern of rhythm and rhyme Examples: epic, ode, ballad, sonnet, haiku, limerick

3 Organic Poems Don’t follow established rules
Not regular pattern of rhyme and rhythm May have unconventional spelling, grammar, punctuation Ex. free verse, concrete poetry

4 Purposes & Preferences in Poetry - NOTES
What is the purpose of poetry? Express feelings about something or someone, life, places, events Makes you think about things Deeper meaning behind the words What types of songs or poems do you prefer? Organic or traditional?

5 692: “400-Meter Free Style” & “Bodybuilder’s Contest”
Margin Questions - A-D: Answer in sentences. Write your own practice poem that is on the subject of competition. You choose whether it is organic or traditional.

6 Take notes on Poetic Elements – pg
Take notes on Poetic Elements – pg Sound Devices at the Top & Chart sound devices rhythm rhyme internal rhyme meter rhyme scheme scansion foot repetition alliteration assonance consonance

7 Poetry Terms in Practice
Read “Fire and Ice” and “The Bells” Excerpts on pg. 671. Answer the 4 Close Read Questions on pg. 671 Check your Close Read Questions with me for accuracy. Read “O What Is That Sound?” pg. 716. Answer the Margin Questions A-E that go with the poem. What frightening current events topics would a poet today write about? Why? Write this in YOUR NOTES.

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