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Chapter 22 Alcohol.

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1 Chapter 22 Alcohol

2 Choosing to Be Alcohol Free
Lesson 1 Choosing to Be Alcohol Free

3 The Facts About Alcohol
Alcohol = Ethanol Fermentation = chemical action Water, flavoring and minerals are mixed with ethanol to produce a variety of beverages, such as beer and wine

4 Immediate Effects of Alcohol Consumption
Initial rush = false sense Depressant = slows central nervous system Affects a person’s motor skills Slows down reaction time Impairs vision Clear thinking and good judgment are impaired The amount of alcohol that leads to intoxication is different for every person Intoxication = poisoned by alcohol or another substance and the person’s physical and mental control is significantly reduced

5 Factors That Influences Alcohol Use
To Use or Not to Use??? Peer Pressure Family Media Messages Advertising Techniques Alcohol beverage companies spend billions of dollars a year to advertise How do they spend their money? Where do they spend their money?

6 Avoid Alcohol: Avoid Unsafe Situations
Alcohol-related traffic collisions = number one cause of death and disability among teens Alcohol and the Law 21 Alcohol, Violence and Sexual Activity More likely to be victims Judgment, lowers inhibitions, compromise morals Alcohol Abuse Excessive use Four times more to be dependent on alcohol when a person starts to drink as a teen rather an adult Alcohol and Extracurricular Activities Zero tolerance policy

7 Being Alcohol Free Maintain a healthy body Make responsible decisions
Avoid risky behaviors Avoid illegal activities Refusing Alcohol = Saying NO is much easier when you are prepared Refuse to drink, Leave the situation, call for a ride home Best defense is to avoid situations where alcohol is present

8 Harmful Effects of Alcohol Use
Lesson 2 Harmful Effects of Alcohol Use

9 Short-Term Effects of Drinking
Different for each individual Body size and gender Food Amount and rate of intake Figure 22.1 Nervous System Cardiovascular System Digestive System Respiratory System

10 Alcohol and Drug Interaction
Do not mix Lead to illness, injury, or even death Understanding how the body works when using drugs Metabolism – breakdown of substances Multiplier Effect – when combining alcohol with medication, the medication will have a greater effect or different effect than taken alone

11 Typical Alcohol-Drug Interactions
Alcohol may slow down a drug’s absorption by the body. Increases the length of time that the alcohol or drug is in the body, increase risk of harmful side effects Drinking increases the number of metabolizing enzymes, causes medicines to be broken down faster, decreasing their effectiveness Metabolizing enzymes can change some medications into chemicals that can damage the liver or other organs Alcohol can increase the effects of some drugs

12 Driving Under the Influence
Drinking alcohol impairs vision, reaction time, and coordination Results can be disastrous or even deadly Driving while intoxicated, DWI, or driving under the influence, DUI, is the leading cause of death among teens Blood alcohol level (BAC) BAC exceeds the state’s legal limit = intoxication Anyone under 21 there is NO exception, some states BAC level is 0.1 percent and others are 0.08

13 Medical Researchers and Drinking
Slows reflexes Reduces a person’s ability to judge distances and speeds Increases risk-taking behaviors Reduces a person’s concentration while increasing forgetfulness

14 Consequences of DWI Harm to the driver and others
Severely restricted driving privileges and/or immediate confiscation of a drivers license Alcohol-related injuries, property damage, and death Living with regret and remorse from these consequences Loss of parental trust and respect Arrest, jail time, court appearance, and a heavy fine or bail A police record and possible lawsuits Higher insurance rates – up to three times higher than those for nondrinking peers

15 Binge Drinking & Alcohol Poisoning
Drinking five or more alcoholic drinks at one sitting Rapid binge drinking can be fatal or cause alcohol poisoning Alcohol Poisoning A severe reaction to an alcohol overdose Alcohol acts as a depressant and shuts down involuntary actions such as breathing and the gag reflex that prevents choking A fatal dose of alcohol will eventually stop these involuntary actions, a person can choke on her own vomit Common to vomit if a person consumes too much alcohol because it is a stomach irritant

16 Effects of Alcohol Poisoning
Passing out Alcohol does not stop entering the body after a person passes out, however alcohol in the stomach and intestines continues to enter the bloodstream and blood alcohol concentration levels continue to rise It is dangerous to assume someone who is passed out is fine if left to “sleep it off”

17 Symptoms Indicating Alcohol Poisoning
Mental confusion, stupor, coma, inability to be roused, vomiting, and seizures Slow respiration – 10 seconds between breaths or fewer than 8 breaths in a minute Irregular heartbeat Hypothermia or low body temperature – pale or bluish skin Severe dehydration from vomiting

18 Alcohol, the Individual, and Society
Lesson 3 Alcohol, the Individual, and Society

19 Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body
Changes to the Brain Addiction, loss of brain function, brain damage Cardiovascular Changes Heart damage, enlarged heart, high blood pressure Liver Problems Fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis Digestive System Problems Irritation (lead to ulcers and cancer of stomach and esophagus) Pancreas Problems Lining of the pancreas (swells to block the passage from the pancreas to small intestine)

20 Alcohol During Pregnancy
The fetus’s liver is not developed enough to process alcohol = cause permanent damage to the fetus During the first few weeks of pregnancy if a woman drinks it is doing harm to the baby’s central nervous system Infants born to mothers who drink are at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) A group of alcohol-related birth defects that include physical and mental problems

21 Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
Severe and lasting Small head and deformities of the face, hands, or feet Heart, liver and kidney defects Vision and hearing problems Slow growth and coordination Difficulties with learning, attention, memory, and problem solving FAS is the leading known cause of mental retardation in the US COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE

22 Alcoholism A disease in which a person has a physical or psychological dependence on drinks that contain alcohol Impaired ability to study, work or socialize normally One of the most devastating effects of alcohol use

23 Alcoholics An addict who is dependent on alcohol
Some may display harmful behaviors such as drunk driving or violent or aggressive behaviors Some may be quiet and withdrawn It is not limited to any one age, race, ethnic or socioeconomic group

24 Symptoms of an Alcoholic
Craving Loss of Control Physical dependence Tolerance Health, family and legal problems

25 Factors Affecting Alcoholics
Genetic link Children of alcoholics are four times more likely than other children to become alcoholics Other environmental factors such as family, friends, culture, peers, pressure, availability of alcohol and stress can put a person at risk for alcoholism Make the healthy choice and stay alcohol free

26 Stages of Alcoholism Stage 1 – Abuse Stage 2 – Dependence
Stage 3 - Addiction

27 Effects on Family and Society
Alcohol use is a major factor in the four leading causes of accidental death – car accidents, falls, drownings, and house fires Alcohol plays a role in violent crimes – homicide, forcible rape, and robbery Codependency – people who learn to ignore their own needs and focus their energy and emotions on the needs of the alcoholic Lose their trust in others, their self-esteem and at times their own health

28 Treatment for Alcoholics
Recovery Process of learning to live an alcohol-free life The goal is to stop or control the intake of alcohol Sobriety Living without alcohol A lifelong commitment Figure 22.4


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