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halFILE CountyCashier ™ Integrated Document Filing for County Clerk’s offices and halFILE ™ Document Manager.

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2 halFILE CountyCashier ™ Integrated Document Filing for County Clerk’s offices and halFILE ™ Document Manager

3 from hal Systems Corporation “the document applications company”

4 “halFILE CountyCashier simplifies the recording of documents received in the County Clerk’s office.”

5 “halFILE is the most advanced and efficient method for handling the increased quantities of paper records and computer generated documents associated with your business.”

6 “Together, halFILE CountyCashier and halFILE provide a simple method for electronically recording documents filed at a County Clerk’s office.”

7 halFILE CountyCashier and halFILE Easy recording of documents at the clerk’s counter or back office Document scanning to create an image of the document that can be placed on to a CD Document indexing Document search and retrieve Report design and generation

8 halFILE CountyCashier and halFILE Integrates with slip printers to stamp File Number and Date on documents Provides for allocation of receivables to any number of user-defined accounts Supports the receipt of non-recording type fees Supports multiple tellers and multiple cash drawers

9 here’s how it works...

10 When a customer files a document at the front desk, the document information is recorded into halFILE CountyCashier. Based on the document type, the system automatically calculates the filing fee and prints a receipt. halFILE CountyCashier

11 You can select the individual or company that files the document from a list of accounts. The system calculates the filing fee based on the document type. halFILE CountyCashier

12 When a document is received via mail of fax, it can also be entered into halFILE CountyCashier. After the document is recorded, it goes to a scan station for scanning. This creates a digital image of the document that will later be placed on a CD. halFILE

13 The document is scanned and previewed in the image window.. halFILE

14 After scanning, the document index is created. The image of the document is displayed and the user enters the File Number of the document. This automatically pulls in the information that was entered when the document was recorded. Also, if you are maintaining documents in books, you can print a copy of a batch documents. The system will handle two-sided printing as well as scaling to allow for the hole punch. halFILE

15 When indexing, a page of the document is shown in the view window. When you enter the File Number, the initial recording information is automatically pulled in. halFILE

16 CountyCashier includes dozens of reports including: Daily Report Grantor Report Grantee Report Mailing Labels Allocations Outstanding A/R and Invoices Historical Reports The reports are designed to be placed in books for your customer’s use. In addition to these reports, you can design your own reports using Crystal Reports. halFILE CountyCashier

17 Reports can be designed by you to include the fields you need, sorted by any field. halFILE CountyCashier

18 Public view stations can be set up to provide your customers with better service. Customers can search for documents and print a copy. Printers can be placed in the back office to control document copy fees. halFILE This improves service while reducing employee time spent on making copies of documents.

19 halFILE CountyCashier and halFILE Your keys to document control!

20 halFILE CountyCashier / halFILE Improves document control by eliminating costly mis-filing and loss Quickly retrieves documents based on multiple key words Shares documents with other users Provides a more secure environment than ordinary records using optical technology

21 And that saves you money!! While protecting your documents!

22 For more information about halFILE and halFILE CountyCashier visit

23 hal Systems Corporation 12750 Merit Drive Suite 810 Dallas, Texas 75251-1214 Contact us at: Voice: 800-442-9273 Fax: 214-691-4730 E-mail: [the end]

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