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Corporate Imaging Kathy Mumford Session 2 Room C Tennessees BEST 2005 Tech Tips User Conference.

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1 Corporate Imaging Kathy Mumford Session 2 Room C Tennessees BEST 2005 Tech Tips User Conference

2 Introduces A Document Imaging Scan & Save Solution for the MAS family… Changing PAPER files to ELECTRONIC files

3 Change Is Good… Batch scan Invoices, Job & HR Documents Index with multiple indices Route invoices and other documents electronically so all that need to see can see (i.e. electronic approval of invoices) Tie-in imaging SW with accounting SW Comprehensive note system Store documents on a server and also write to a CD or optical for legal purposes

4 Some Benefits… Eliminate excessive paper handling Automate paper processesLESS PAPER Instantly search & retrieve documents based on up to 6 different criteria See status of all documents (sent, waiting, approved, entered) Minimize key strokes & data entry errors Eliminate fax, courier, photocopy, filing cabinets & other associated paper costs Work more efficiently Reduce overall operational expenses

5 Chameleon offers 3 standard cabinets: A/P, Job Files, & HR When you log into Chameleon, you select the application that you want to use.

6 A batch of documents is scanned and named at a central workstation. The entry person brings up the batches and clicks on the one they want to work with.

7 SCANNERS: Quality scanners range from about $1000 to $6000. The scanner shown here is a 25 PPM scanner with auto sheet feeder and flatbed to handle torn or bad documents. It scans both sides of a document at one time and also does color. Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS) software removes all color and shading and makes images even more legible than the original. Does a great job on A/P invoices!

8 If the A/P person does not want to route the invoice … Simply open the batch & enter the data from the invoice (image) into the A/P system. Then, Click the INDEX Button to send the information to the imaging system. The invoice is indexed 6 different ways or more!

9 View the invoice (image) and enter one or more fields in the index structure on the left. Only one index field needs to be entered because the rest are pulled from the accounting system. However, you may want to identify the document with several index values. If the A/P person does want to route the invoice …

10 Once an invoice is routed, the next invoice appears and you repeat the procedure. Once you have entered the index information … Select a user to route the invoice to for approval. Click the SAVE AND ROUTE Button If there are multiple pages of an invoice, attach each page with the Attach feature. It only takes a few seconds to route an invoice!

11 The Work List that is at standard screen in Chameleon shows the status of all images: All On Hold, All Approved, All Waiting. A/P and any other authorized user can instantly know the status of all routed documents!

12 Any image can be emailed to vendors, clients, & remote users from within Chameleon using Outlook. The image is sent as an attachment.

13 Once an image has been routed, the Project Manager or other authorized user opens their Waiting documents, views the invoice along with the index information, and decides if it is approved. Notes can easily be attached with cost code distribution or any other information you want to send back to A/P. If approved, the Approve button is selected and it is routed back to A/P.

14 Accounts Payable can view all Approved Invoices in their Work List.

15 The invoice, any notes such as the voucher, as well as the indexes can be viewed. The invoice is then entered into the accounting system. Chameleon can automatically populate the indexes from the accounting system to fill in those that were not keyed in Chameleon and to validate those that were keyed.

16 To do an Inquiry, the user has two options … go into the Accounting software and drill down and view the associated image.

17 Chameleon has a dynamic search engine that allows one to search for an invoice or a range of invoices.. For example, here you can see all invoices for Job # 30 over $300. You can query on any of the indexes!

18 You get a hit list of all invoices that match the criteria you selected. The hit list can be sorted on any column.

19 You can then pull up the invoices you want to view and view in windows or cascade them.

20 A report can be exported to Excel or another program to view the status of all invoices.

21 Job documents can also be stored using the Job Docs Cabinet.

22 Drawings, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, and more can be stored in Chameleon so that it serves as a central repository for every company document. Documents can be scanned and indexed by: Job # Doc Type Date To From And any other applicable indexthey are customizable!

23 Job Files can also be routed to others for review.

24 A file can be refreshed from the payroll system with the Name, SS#, and Employee # … HR documents can also be scanned and indexed by: Employee # Social Security # Name Doc Type Hire Date Date of Birth Active when any of the three are keyed, the others are populated automatically from the table.

25 Advantages of Implementing Chameleon Imaging Affordable Easy-To-Use Scalable & Customizable Integrated into Accounting Software Electronic Routing System Can Scan or Import Batches No More Lost or Misplaced Documents

26 Every document is in one place every time Audits are fast & easy Filing cabinets are reduced or eliminated Documents are secured so that only authorized users can view Runs under the industry standard MySQL database Developed by an industry leader10 years Customer service levels are improved

27 Is Your Company Ready For The Thank you for your interest!

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