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Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association Dog Bite Prevention Program.

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1 Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association Dog Bite Prevention Program

2 Why is it important to talk about being safe around dogs?

3 4.7 Million people per year are bit by dogs in the U.S. 60% of bites happen to kids Most bites occur on the face

4 YOU can help prevent dog bites by learning how to be safe around dogs and teaching your friends to be safe around dogs

5 Let’s talk about what’s safe and what’s not safe around dogs

6 SAFE Walking your dog on a leash Keeping your dog indoors or in a fenced yard Asking permission before petting a dog you don’t know Being gentle with a dog

7 UNSAFE Teasing a dog Running from a dog that is chasing you Trying to grab something from a dog’s mouth Running up to a dog Scaring a dog Hugging and kissing a dog

8 Not all dogs LIKE to be petted How would you like it if people were always trying to hug and kiss you?

9 There are some times when it is NEVER safe to pet a dog

10 Don’t pet a dog Through a fence Through a car window Or a dog that is tied up The dog may think that you are invading his territory

11 Don’t pet a dog That is eating That is playing with a toy Dogs naturally guard their food and toys and don’t want anyone else to take them

12 Don’t pet A mother dog with her puppies She may think that you will harm her puppies and will try to protect them

13 Don’t pet A dog that is sleeping You could startle him and he could wake up and bite you

14 Don’t pet A dog that is hurt or sick Hurt animals don’t want to be touched

15 Don’t pet a dog that looks scared or mean

16 Do you know what a scared or mean dog looks like?

17 Learning about dog body language and facial expressions can help you decide if a dog is safe to pet

18 Bites often occur because the dog senses a threat When you begin to understand how things look from the dogs' point of view, and how they communicate, YOU could help PREVENT a BITE!"

19 Happy Dog Mouth open Panting Ears forward

20 Scared Dog Fish eye (white of eye showing) Worried expression Ears back Cowering or hiding Tail may be tucked Dilated pupils, “hard” or “dark” stare

21 Mean Dog Lips lifted Teeth exposed May be growling Hair may be raised on scruff Ears could be back or forward and alert


23 Is this dog Happy, Mean or Scared?






29 If you ask someone if you can pet their dog and they say YES, but the dog looks scared or mean, don’t pet that dog You could say “No, that’s OK, I don’t think he wants to be petted right now”

30 If you ask an adult if you can pet their dog, and they say YES, then pet the dog in the following way:

31 1.) Walk to the side of the dog and face the same direction as the dog

32 2.) Stand, or squat down if the dog is small. Don’t bend from the waist 3.) Let the dog sniff you first before petting. Extend your hand out slowly with the fingers curled up Bending from the waist can be intimidating to dogs

33 4.) If the dog doesn’t back away, then pet the dog over the shoulders. No where else.

34 Do you know what to do if a strange dog runs up to you?


36 What do you do if the dog knocks you down?


38 It is important not to run or flap your arms or legs It is a dog’s natural instinct to chase someone that is running. If you are still and quiet, usually the dog will leave If you need to leave, slowly back away, don’t look at the dog

39 Thanks for being such a great audience! Hopefully you’ve learned a lot about how to be safe around dogs! Continue for quiz

40 Time for a Quiz

41 Your dog is lying on the couch, and you want to sit and watch TV. Should you: A.) Gently move him over B.) Try to call him off of the couch

42 What is the more common reason that kids go to the emergency room: A.) Kids that are hit by cars B.) Kids that are bitten by dogs

43 Your dog just grabbed your pizza off of your plate! Should you: A.) Let him have it B.) Take it from his mouth

44 Your dog just got into a fight with the neighbor dog! Should you: A.) Grab his collar and pull him away from the other dog B.) Get an adult and try to distract them with a loud noise

45 Where do most bites occur? A.) To the face B.) To the hands

46 Your neighbor just got a new dog! You go to visit him. Below is his picture. Should you pet him? A.) Yes B.) No

47 How many people are bitten by dogs in the US every year? A.) 4.7 Million B.) 1.3 Million

48 You go to the grocery store with your dad. A cute dog is tied out front and he looks lonely. Should you approach or pet him? A.) Yes B.) No

49 Your mom told you to take your dog for a walk. You go to get him and he’s sleeping. Should you: A.) Pick him up and bring him downstairs B.) Clap your hands and call him to you

50 You are riding your bike home, and you see a strange dog that looks lost. He seems friendly and he starts to walk towards you. Should you: A.) Go home and tell your parents B.) Call him to you so you can read his tags and try to find his home C.) Call Animal Control on your cell phone

51 GREAT JOB!! Remember to always be SAFE around dogs!!

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