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Any dog can bite, even a dog you know. Physical Trauma –Painful –Stressful –Disfiguring –Expensive –Fatal (rare)

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2 Any dog can bite, even a dog you know.

3 Physical Trauma –Painful –Stressful –Disfiguring –Expensive –Fatal (rare)

4 Psychological Trauma –Fear –Nightmares

5 In most cases, dog bites are not caused by BAD dogs so much as by irresponsible pet owners. Many people are attacked by dogs whose owners say wouldnt hurt a fly.

6 EatingSleeping

7 SickInjured

8 Scared/Feel Threatened Being Teased

9 Nursing/Protecting Puppies Protecting Children

10 Protecting Yards Guarding Cars

11 Protecting Toys/Treats

12 Too Excited While Playing Rough

13 Frustrated From Being Chained/Tied Up

14 Encouraged to be Aggressive

15 Barking, growling, snapping, snarling They pull away when you try to pet them Stiff body, raised fur Bare teeth/curl lips









24 A wagging tail is not necessarily a sign that a dog is friendly!

25 Animal Control OfficersShelter Personnel Cable TV ServicemenRepair Personnel Mail/Letter CarriersDelivery Persons Law EnforcementMeter Readers Joggers, walkers, bicyclistsPedestrians Children

26 4.7 Million People are bitten by dogs each year Most Common Victim = Children 12 years of age or younger Dog attacks send 334,000 people to the ER each year Dog bite victims account for up to 5% of all hospital ER visits

27 10-20 people die from dog bites each year 800,000 bites a year are severe enough to require medical treatment 1-2 million dog bites go unreported each year

28 Do not try to pet the dog Do not stare at the dog Do not run Try not to scream or make a lot of noise Do not throw things at the dog Put something between you and the dog

29 Always face the dog If the dog approaches you, stay calm and stand still When the dog starts to leave, slowly back away Report loose dogs to Animal Control

30 Beware of unfamiliar dogs Obey warning signs Be alert

31 If you know there is a dog on the property, do something to attract the dog –Yell –Honk the car horn –Rattle the gate

32 Always carry something with you –Umbrella –Baton –Jacket –Clipboard

33 Know when a dog means business –Barking, snarling, ears are erect, appears ready to attack –Do NOT approach it! –Send warning letters to the dog owner if not at home

34 If the dog owner is home stay at a safe distance and call out to them –Approach from the side –Do not swing your arms –Whistling may help convince the dog you are friendly

35 –Stand still –Do not turn your back/run away –Let the animal bite your shield –Try to keep something between you and the dog –If you are knocked down, curl into a ball and lie still (duck & cover)

36 –Hide your face and protect your ears & neck w/your arms –Play dead –If a dog bites do not pull away (try to make it release its hold) –Report attacks to Animal Control

37 Watch out for dogs Size up the situation Do not show fear Do not startle a dog NEVER assume a dog wont bite Keep your eyes on the dog Stand your ground Call ACC for Agency Assistance

38 Wash the wound with soap & water Consult your doctor Report the bite to the proper authorities (including animal control) Notify your supervisor

39 What does the dog look like? Where did you see the dog? Have you seen the dog before? Animal Control must quarantine the dog You may need treatment

40 San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program Toll Free Number 1-800-472-5609 Permission is granted for using this presentation for educational purposes so long as credit is given to the San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program.

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