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2 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Director of Procurement Randall Sellers 2 Assistant Directors of Procurement David Odom and Dale Butler Open Korita Slaton

3 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT About Our District FY13 Annual Budget: $574 million 50 Elementary Schools, 15 Middle Schools, 18 High Schools, 12 Charter Schools Number of Students - 49,217 Ethnic Distribution: –79.3% African American –12.3% Caucasian –5.9% Hispanic –2.5% Other Free and Reduced Lunch—76% 3

4 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Board Policies DJEA “Purchasing Authority” and CJ “Administrative Consultants” Governs the District’s Procurement of Goods and Services and Independent Contractors Provides the exceptions to Full and Open Competition Outlines the Dollar Value Thresholds –Purchases between $2,001 to $25,000 require four (4 quotes); –Purchases exceeding $25,000 require a formal solicitation conducted by Procurement Services; –Purchases for goods or services exceeding $100,000 and/or professional services exceeding $50,000 require a formal solicitation and Board approval. 4

5 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT What We Buy The APS school district has the need for an extensive variety of materials and services to support the educational needs for our children. Some examples are: School Buses School Instructional Supplies Janitorial Services Landscaping Services HVAC Computer Hardware/Software Office Supplies 5

6 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT How We Buy All purchases and contracts for goods and services, except those excluded from open competition according to Board Policy, shall be subject to the following competitive procedures 6

7 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Solicitations Invitation to Bid (ITB) is used to obtain pricing on specific goods or services. All responses shall be publically opened on the scheduled date and time shown in the solicitation. Request for Proposal (RFP) is based on a scope of work and will be evaluated by a committee based on pre-determined evaluation criteria to determine which vendor offers the “best value” to the District. Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is used to determine the qualifications of a vendor to provide goods or services and will be evaluated by a committee. Request for Information (RFI) is used to obtain information from potential vendors prior to issuing a formal solicitation (ITB, RFP or RFQ). The information submitted may be used to develop specifications or scope of work for a formal solicitation. 7

8 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Solicitations The Procurement Services Department provides information regarding current solicitations via the APS Purchasing website, and also on the State of Georgia’s Procurement Registry Many of the awarded contracts are now available on the APS Purchasing website Solicitation historical data is available upon request 8

9 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Solicitations: Vendor Eligibility for Consideration Because Atlanta Public Schools is committed to awarding contracts to responsible parties, vendors listed on the United States Government’s Excluded Party List System ( will not be eligible for consideration for a contract award. To be eligible for consideration, vendors must be in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws (including Georgia’s HB 87 a/k/a “E-Verify”). Information about the requirements of HB 87 can be found on our website at: 9

10 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Once a vendor (or vendors) has been identified, the Procurement Officer will send a Letter of Intent to the recommended vendor(s) within two (2) days after sign- off by the requesting department, or four (4) days after board approval (if applicable). Award 10

11 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Items That Require Board Approval Capital project contracts with a total annual value of $200,000 or greater; Consultant contracts with a total annual value of $50,000 or greater; Goods or service contracts with a total annual value of $100,000 or greater. 11

12 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Contract Administration Manages the three facets of the District’s contracting to ensure vendor performance in accordance with contractual obligations –These facets are: 1)contract drafting 2)contract compliance/performance, and 3)contract renewals/terminations Vendors are NOT allowed to provide goods or services to Atlanta Public Schools until a contract has been fully executed by all parties and the vendor has received a purchase order. 12

13 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Anyone can register to become a vendor at Atlanta Public Schools. The form is available online at the APS Procurement website under “Vendor Registration”. All vendors must complete the form and provide all required information, including NIGP Commodity Codes. Vendors that are 1099 recipients must complete a W-9. Vendors must complete all applicable E-Verify Forms. Vendors are responsible for maintaining the information in our database by contacting the Procurement Services Department @ Vendor Registration 13

14 PROCUREMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our contact information is available at the APS Procurement website. Go to, click on the Procurement link, then ‘Procurement Staff’. www.atlantapublicschools.usProcurement Staff You can also access our Procedures Manual on our website for further details on any of the processes discussed in this presentation.Procedures Manual Contact Us Thank you. 14


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