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1 Procurement

2 Request for Proposal (RFP) Solicitation Process
A RFP is the formal solicitation process ADHS uses to solicit Proposals from interested vendors for goods or services under the guidance of the Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona Administrative Code A RFP is the process Offerors follow to submit a detailed Proposal that meets the requirements for the goods and services ADHS needs

3 RFP Solicitation Process
Solicitation Components State’s Uniform Instructions ADHS Special Instructions State’s Uniform Terms and Conditions ADHS Special Terms and Conditions Scope of Work Price Sheet – now in Items Tab in ProcureAZ Attachments Exhibits Offer and Acceptance

4 RFP Solicitation Process
The Pre-offer conference date is established ~ a minimum of 7 days before the due date The due date is established ~ a minimum of 14 days “on the street” Legal ad is placed in the newspaper Solicitation is posted on ProcureAZ and a link from the ADHS Procurement web page

5 RFP Solicitation Process
Once the RFP is finalized and approved, it is posted to ProcureAZ Vendors MUST be registered on ProcureAZ to ensure notification of upcoming solicitations Not just for ADHS, but any state agency Registration is based on the National Government Institute of Purchasing (NIGP) Codes selected NIGP Class: 948 = Health Related Services; NIGP Class Item: 72 = Pharmaceutical Services

6 RFP Solicitation Process
ProcureAZ website address: To view online tutorials and quick reference guides about using ProcureAZ, please access A handout will be provided at the end of the session of the Registration Quick Reference Guide and FAQs

7 RFP Solicitation Process
A Pre-Offer Conference is held a minimum of 7 days before the close of the Solicitation It is not required that Offerors attend the Pre-Offer Conference, but it is strongly encouraged The Pre-Offer Conference is to make sure the intent of the RFP is clearly understood

8 RFP Solicitation Process
The Procurement Officer: Will request each Vendor sign in prior to the meeting This is a public record of everyone who attended and a copy may be requested by other Vendors so did not attend If a Conference call is schedule to increase attendees, each Vendor must notify the Procurement Officer in advance of their intent to participate and state their name and organization at the start of the meeting Discuss the intent of the Uniform Instructions and the Uniform Terms and Conditions Discuss the intent of the Special Instructions and Special Terms and Conditions ENCOURAGE all Vendors to read and understand the entire document. Signing the Offer and Acceptance is binding and an awarded Contractor will be held to those conditions

9 RFP Solicitation Process
A Subject Matter Expert(s) will attend from the ADHS program to answer questions related to the Scope of Work, Attachments and Exhibits No minutes are taken or distributed from the Pre-Offer Conference Only to discuss the ADHS’ intent, and to determine whether the requirements are clearly understood Nothing that is said should be considered a revision to the written RFP that is posted ANY changes as a result of the Pre-Offer Meeting will be provided by a Solicitation Amendment

10 RFP Solicitation Process
The Proposal is due by the due date and time on the Solicitation cover page The standard time is 3:00 P.M. local Arizona time Late Offers will not be accepted; ProcureAZ will close the Solicitation and you will not be able to continue Be sure to begin the process as early as possible on the date due; preferably the day before Do not wait until 2:00 p.m. or later as this is a statewide web-based system and timing will be dependent on your server, your internet service provider capabilities and the number of other vendors in the system at that time responding to Solicitations A handout will be provided at the end of the session of the Responding to a Solicitation Quick Reference Guide

11 RFP Solicitation Process
Questions are permitted until the date stated in the Solicitation Questions must be submitted in writing in ProcureAZ The Procurement Officer will respond and all Vendors will be able to view all questions submitted and ADHS’ response Any question that revises the RFP will be addressed in a Solicitation Amendment

12 RFP Solicitation Process
After the close of the Solicitation on the due date the Evaluation Process begins An Evaluation Team reviews the submitted Proposals and scores them using a pre-determined evaluation tool and the evaluation criteria stated in the Special Instructions

13 RFP Solicitation Process
The Evaluation Process consists of: Initial review and scoring Clarifications Negotiations Final Proposal Revision Final review and scoring Recommendation for award

14 RFP Solicitation Process
After the initial Consensus meeting an Offeror may be asked to respond to Clarifications After the initial Consensus meeting Offerors reasonably susceptible for award may be asked to participate in negotiations After negotiations the Offeror will submit a Final Proposal Revision The FPR is reviewed, discussed and scored using the same tool and criteria

15 RFP Solicitation Process
Upon final Consensus scoring a recommendation for award is made by the Evaluators to the Chief Procurement Officer If the CPO is in agreement the awarded Contractor(s) and all bidders will be notified of the award After award the Solicitation file is available for review by interested parties via ProcureAZ

16 Request for Grant Application (RFGA) Process
The RFGA process matches the RFP process but under different Statute The submission is called an Application The vendor submitting is called an Applicant RFGAs advertise for a minimum of 6 weeks versus 14 days for a RFP The evaluation scoring in by color versus points: green, blue, orange, yellow, purple and red

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