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Welcome to Purchasing Training Policies and Procedures May 12th, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Purchasing Training Policies and Procedures May 12th, 2014

2 Strengths in purchasing for the district

3 Weaknesses in purchasing for the district

4 Why we’re here today… 1.) Overview of Purchasing Policies and Procedures/Processes 2.) Navigating AS400  Entering Purchase Orders  Receiving Purchase Orders  Looking up Vendor Information 3.) Vendor Management – Navigating OnBase  Vendor Requests  Employee Reimbursements 4.) Vendor Contract Process  When  How

5 What is Purchasing? In General,  Spending District Money

6 Purchasing Objectives by Board Policy DJ a)Establish acquisition process that will support the requirements of students and staff of CMSD b) Maintain competitive and reliable base of suppliers  Vendor selection and products must adhere to procurement regulations and policies of the District  Initiate and maintain ethical and professional relationships with present and potential vendors c) Maximize the value of District dollars  To obtain and purchase all goods at the lowest overall cost, consistent with service, quality and delivery

7 How to Purchase 1.) Define the need of the Department/School  Supplies/Materials  Services  Quantity  Specifications (details)  Total Expenditure  Available Funds 2.) Solicitation – to ask for something ***Process of solicitation is determined by total cost***

8 Purchases Less than $250  Direct Pay  Phone Quote  In Store Purchase  Fax Quotes  Email Quote  Catalog Quote  Employee Reimbursement

9 Purchases between $251 & $2,500 – Three Quotes  Telephone Quotes **documentation of the quotes must be kept on file**  Same set of specifications to each vendor  Faxed Quote  Catalog Pricing Quotes  Email Quotes  Verbal Quotes

10 Purchases between $2,501 & $50,000/Services less than $10,000 – Three Quotes  Written Quotes  Same set of specifications to each vendor  10 days approx.  RFQ – Template  Request for Quote Process (RFQ)

11 Purchases for Materials over $50,000 or Consulting Services over $10,000  Formal Request for Proposals (RFP) Process  90 days approx.  Contact Purchasing Department to Coordinate  Public Advertisement  Formal Invitation to Bid (food services, capital expenditures)

12 Request for Information (RFI)  Solicit information from vendor without obligation  Not sure of what is needed or  Not sure how much something costs  Contact the Purchasing Department for assistance

13 Committing Funds for the Purchase Ohio Law requires that all District expenditures for payment include “Certification” that funds are available

14 Ways to Purchase Direct Pay  $250 or less  Invoice from vendor  Employee Reimbursement under $250  Complete Direct Pay Form, with approval signatures and submit to Accounts Payable Purchase Order  All purchases $251 and over  Date the PO is certified is official date of PO (see example)  PO must be approved and certified before order/services are provided  Multiple approvers for Title and Grant funds  Cannot split orders to avoid solicitation process Purchasing Cards limited circumstances  Administered by Finance Department  Purchases $250 or less  Principals must sign Purchasing Regulations

15 Expenditures $6,000 or Greater a.) Resolution – approval process b.) Finance Department c.) OnBase Workflow

16 Vendor Contract Required for any services Legal Department

17 Conflict of Interest in Contracting & Purchasing BBoard Policy – GBCA Personnel Conflict of Interest and Improper Compensation BBoard Policy – GBCB Conflict of Interest in Contract in Purchasing BBoard Policy – GBCC Code of Ethics

18 Navigating AS 400

19 Sign On Screen A)Training Mode:  User Name: TRAINXX  Password: SNOWCAP  Hit Enter and then F3

20 AS 400 Main Screen Lookup Vendor Record  FMS Lookup Program Vendor Record: Enter 3  Vendor Record Lookup: Enter 3  Index: Type I, Tab twice  Type Vendor Name: Holcomb’s, press enter  Down arrow to move cursor: select 569649  L next to vendor name to Look-up: enter

21 Purchase Order Entry 1.) Option 1, enter 2.) Options  A = Add  C = Change  L = Lookup (existing PO)  I = Index (all Pos in numerical order)  E = Exit the screen

22 Select A – Add  Enter Vendor Number: 569649  Click on Ship To (school location) – 003 (hit TAB key) - F4 to locate ship to codes - Tab key to move position  Date: Does not change  Enter name of Contact Person: Angie Foraker  Tab over to Charge Account: Enter 001.0248.1110.511.000000.003.00.000  Tab through to Cancel: Hit Enter

23 Enter Lines for Order Line 1:  Quantity: 100  Unit of Measure: EA (each)  Tab to Description: 5 Inch Binders (include vendor’s item number if available)  Unit Cost: $7.99  Tab to Continue: Hit Enter Line 2:  Quantity: 25  Unit of Measure: DZ (dozen)  Tab to Description: Dozen Blue Ink Pens (item number, if available)  Unit Cost: $2.99  Tab to Continue: Hit Enter

24 Notes/FYI  Account Code defaults to one entered on first screen  Can change to use different account per line  Repeat to add more lines as necessary  After all lines have been entered, press enter  Completed PO screen F3 to exit E to End

25 OnBase Navigation  http://srlc9onb02/AppNet/Login.aspx  Open OnBase from Intranet, enter your credentials  Select Document retrieval  New Form  VM EFORM New Vendor Request  Enter your department/building and phone number  Enter in vendor’s information: name, address, phone number, and Tax ID number.  Select type of vendor: individual, corporation, partnership, or other (if you are unsure or do not see the type listed, please select other)  Please make sure to include dashes (“-”) in the Tax ID Number  Do not include dashes in phone number  Do not select “W9 Required” box. The Purchasing Department will select this if we do not receive W9 in a timely fashion

26 Vendor Request Approval  Two forms needed to add a vendor: - Current Vendor Request Form - W9 (IRS document) **These forms have been updated. If you have not received a new copy since the move of the Central Office, please contact the Purchasing Department for the updated forms.  OnBase should notify you via email regarding approval or denial of your vendor request  All forms are provided to the Purchasing Department, request should not longer than 3 business days. If we do not receive forms within 30 days, your request will be rejected.

27 Adding CMSD Employees as Vendors **CMSD employees should only be added as vendors for reimbursement purposes only  A request in OnBase is not needed for CMSD employees  Forms needed: - Current Vendor Request Form (please state reimbursement) - W9  Please include requestor’s name and contact information if different from employee

28 Vendor Contract When do you need a vendor contract? 1.) Services 2.) Any Dollar Amount


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