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1. In Accordance With : 2 Highest Level Lowest Level.

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1 1

2 In Accordance With : 2 Highest Level Lowest Level

3 In Accordance With Per your WYDOT Agreement, General Conditions 4 c. : Purchase of Project Equipment. The purchase of all Project Equipment financed in whole or in part pursuant to this Agreement shall be undertaken by WYDOT on behalf of the Recipient or with prior WYDOT approval in accordance with the procedures established by WYDOT. Purchases of over $1,000 using Federal or State funds will be subject to approval of WYDOT in accordance with established procedures. WYDOT will evaluate your procurement and bid package before bid is advertised 3

4 Excluded Parties List System 4 FTA C 4220.1F CHAPTER IV 2 a2 (b) General Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties List System FTA strongly recommends that the recipient check the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS). Now a part of the System for Awards Management (SAM), the EPLS is an electronic, web-based system that identifies those parties excluded from receiving Federal contracts. Per your WYDOT Agreement, General Conditions (t) : Suspension and Debarment- you are required to check the EPLS system for your vendors. Keep copy of results in your file

5 TYPES OF PROCUREMENT Micro Purchase – under $2,500 When Appropriate - when there is a reasonable need in your Transportation program. Procedures - The following procedures apply to micro- purchases: Competition. The recipient should distribute micro- purchases equitably among qualified suppliers. Rotating through a list of the suppliers is one method to equitably distribute the micro-purchases among qualified suppliers. Per Internal WYDOT Policy. Attain at least three price quotes comparing apples to apples. Use local vendors and internet quotes. Keep records showing the purchase is fair and reasonable. Prohibited Divisions - Apply 5

6 Micro Purchase Checklist 6

7 TYPES OF PROCUREMENT Small Purchases - $2,501 – 7,500 When Appropriate - when there is a reasonable and necessary need in your Transportation program for purchases. Procedures - When using small purchase procedures: The recipient must obtain written price or rate quotations from at least three qualified sources, local and online if applicable. Compare apples to apples, same specifications. The name and address of the vendor. The vendor’s authorized representative’s name and signature. Prices. The FOB (free on board) point (which determines who pays freight charges) The terms (Net 45 and so forth). The date. The delivery time. Prohibited Divisions - Apply 7

8 Small Purchase Checklist 8

9 TYPES OF PROCUREMENT Large Purchases - $7,501 or greater Competitive Sealed Bidding Invitation For Bid (IFB) - Based on specific quantities and criteria. Procedures - The IFB should be publicly advertised. Ensure the bids are solicited from an adequate number of known suppliers. The Specs will describe the property or services sought in sufficient detail that a prospective bidder will be able to submit a proper bid. Bidders are allowed sufficient time to prepare bids before the date of bid opening, typically three weeks. All bids are publicly opened at the time and place prescribed in the invitation for bids. A firm fixed price contract is usually awarded in writing to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Any or all bids may be rejected if there is a sound, documented business reason; late, incomplete or does not meet the specifications. Prohibited Divisions - Apply 9

10 Large Purchase Checklist 10

11 Reference Tools Your Procurement Manual If you don’t currently have one you can adopt ours on the WYDOT home page. WYDOT staff is available for assistance. Ensure your board or governing body approves and signs it. Keep all records in your procurement files, if it’s not in the file it didn’t happen! 11

12 Reference Tools 12

13 Reference Tools- WYDOT Webpage 13

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