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Welcome to i-nexus Performance BOOSTER. © i-solutions Global Ltd. 2006 Agenda What is i-nexus Performance BOOSTER ? Opportunity Management Six Sigma Training.

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1 Welcome to i-nexus Performance BOOSTER

2 © i-solutions Global Ltd. 2006 Agenda What is i-nexus Performance BOOSTER ? Opportunity Management Six Sigma Training Management Solution LIVE i-nexus Presentation Plan next steps – scenario proposal

3 Performance BOOSTER – enabling strategy execution The leader in software to enable strategy execution Partner of choice for 90% of leading Lean Six Sigma consultancies Global presence – offices in Americas, Europe and Asia Select Customers

4 BOOSTER Helps Global Companies Define & Execute Their Strategies Enables Change and Improvement to be Managed as a Closed-loop Process 100% Web-based Global 500 Proven (Scaleable, Easily Deployed, Easily Integrated) Includes Powerful Built-in Reporting Module

5 Performance BOOSTER ensures Effective Project Execution & Tracking Provide complete transparency on project portfolio status Automatically track progress and highlight off-track projects Automatically generate charters and project storyboards Provide real-time feedback on performance and financial results Powerful reporting for programme tracking Spend more time ‘doing the project’ less time ‘managing the project’ Opportunity management

6 Performance BOOSTER enables Effective Strategic Alignment Define & Build strategy maps, scorecards and Business Excellence Structures Capture and monitor operational performance metrics Roll up performance to identify gaps in real time Assign ownership for performance improvements Create a line-of-sight into the projects to close performance gaps

7 360° Stakeholder view delivers… A true 360 o view of your programme Faster and more consistent benefit delivery Effective leverage of solutions Dramatic reduction in time & cost of programme management Senior Management Real-time visibility of benefits, deployment status and resource utilisation. Programme Office Ability to define best practice methodologies, define policies and manage programme resources. Project Leader Ability to create projects based on methodology templates, share plans and produce deliverables & reports. Sponsors Ability to electronically authorise projects plus automatic notification of cost, schedule and risk exceptions.

8 Performance BOOSTER enables the Project Follow-up: Automated Delivery of Sponsor Reports © i-solutions Global Ltd. 2006 Sponsor Reports – emailed with Traffic Light Status – with drill downs to project data

9 © i-solutions Global Ltd. 2006 Project Progress Summary Helps Target Coaching Performance BOOSTER enables the Coaching Process: Scheduled Progress Reports

10 Effective Program Management: Portfolio view of all Projects and Statuses Live Project Data – giving complete control

11 © i-solutions Global Ltd. 2006 Project Storyboard – exports directly into PowerPoint saving time for the Project Manager Effective Project Management: Automated production of key deliverables

12 Effective Program Management: Tracking Utilisation of Resources Resource Management – updates on how key resources are utilised

13 Effective Pipeline Management: Prioritise and Launch the Right Projects Pipeline Management – Collate, review and launch the best project ideas

14 Alignment Filter Feasibility Filter Financial Filter Project Scoping Project Allocation project ideas from capability-expectation gaps project ideas from customers, partners and suppliers project ideas from employees Opportunity Capture Project Qualification Project Selection Project scoped Project staffed How to select the right project

15 Training Management Solution How does it work? GB/BB Initial Week GB/BB Subsequent Weeks Receive Joining Instructions Prepare Initial Project Charter Prepare Project Storyboard Set-up Belt Support Tool Course Admin Guide Plan Course & Confirm Participants Post Wave Review Generate Deployment Report GKB Instance Decision to proceed Decision not to proceed Data Extract Generate Joining Instructions Black/ Green Belts Guide Consultants Guide Deployment Leaders Guide

16 Training Management Solution Step by step Belt Support Tool

17 Training Management Solution Address Deployment Failure Modes The Training Management Solution addresses common failure points in Lean/Six Sigma training process:  Clearly scoped and aligned charter  Sponsor/key stakeholders engagement  Project Coaching  Measurement Systems  Project Sign-Off and Process Hand-Off

18 Training Management Solution What’s in it for me? For Six-Winners  The Training Management Solution enables us to:  Store and manage central course templates  Track Student Project Deliverables in Real Time  Program and Project Transparency  Standardize and automate course logistics  Automation for materials  Minimize Course Admin Time

19 For the Belts  BB/GBs reduce the time on Project Admin  Virtual project collaboration  Easy to implement measurement systems  24x7 MBB manned belt support hotline For Senior Management  Maximize consultant investment  No time wasted on program reporting  Minimized Project Cycle Times  Increased Program ROI  Complete Program Transparency  Automated Program Performance Analysis Training Management Solution What’s in it for me?

20 Maximising ROI on the Performance Improvement Programme ROI  %Successful  Programme Cost  Project Cycle Time  Net Savings/Project  Number of Projects 

21 Live Demonstration Interactive Discussion

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