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best practice project management methodology ©Platinum Services Group Limited What is XPRODi ?

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2 best practice project management methodology

3 ©Platinum Services Group Limited What is XPRODi ?

4 ©Platinum Services Group Limited XPRODi is an applied project management system that combines generally accepted project management practices with processes, tools and techniques to manage projects of all sizes.

5 ©Platinum Services Group Limited XPRODi was developed based on PMIs PMBOK methodology and is combined with wide knowledge, proven experience and real-life learning.

6 ©Platinum Services Group Limited It is supplied as: Read only PDFs for on-screen viewing Open Word Templates Open Excel Templates A Printed Reference Handbook

7 ©Platinum Services Group Limited XPRODi allows you to... Access and enable consistently proven methodology that has previously been inaccessible to all but world leaders in project management.

8 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Unlike most existing Project Management software, XPRODi is not a scheduling tool. It is a system and a framework that integrates with scheduling as required in the project management process. XPRODi is a Framework

9 ©Platinum Services Group Limited XPRODi provides the following: A consistent approach to project management that will reduce risk and increase project success Scaling to allow different project sizes and complexity without compromising integrity and compatibility The creation of a common methodology across an organisation which improves organisational performance Easier peer review and better comprehension from those joining a project post launch The ability to gain consistent results, track changes and continuously improve Transparency in the process of project management

10 ©Platinum Services Group Limited What is the objective? To enable users of XPRODi to develop an understanding of best practice project management principles easily and apply them in their projects A structured and consistent approach to manage projects Improved management and control of projects Reduced project risks Increased project success This will provide them with:

11 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Who is XPRODi for? The best practice methodology contained in XPRODi is ideally suited to: Project Managers wanting to deliver successful projects consistently Business Managers who need to make informed decisions and timely project decisions Organisations wanting to standardise processes to achieve better governance Anyone exposed to a project environment wanting to better understand the processes

12 ©Platinum Services Group Limited The framework delivered through XPRODi is applicable to small and large organisations, local body departments and central government, because it creates a measurable standard in a multi-project environment An immense body of knowledge is provided without having to spend valuable time and money reinventing the processes. XPRODi provides the necessary framework and guidelines often lacking in self taught project managers. XPRODi – Best Practice PM

13 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Key Influences Key factors that influence the successful management of projects are: The Product Life Cycle Roles and relationships of the stakeholders Life Cycle of the Project

14 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Project vs Product Management What is the difference between Project Management and Product Management? Project Management deals with managing the project from conception to completion. The processes in each phase of the project life cycle produce the deliverables. Product Management deals with managing the research, development and operations of the product until it is dismantled and retired from operations

15 ©Platinum Services Group Limited XPRODis methodology identifies 5 generic phases in a project life cycle. In this phase we define the Project Scope. We ask: What do we have to do? In this phase we obtain Management Approval. We ask: Is the project justifiable and does management approve to commit resources? In this phase the project is fully Planned, Documented and Agreed. We ask: What do we have to do and how are we going to achieve it?. In this phase we perform the work and are concerned with: How can we control the delivery of the results?. In this phase we bring the project to an orderly end and are concerned with: What is outstanding? Project Phases Initiation Planning Execution Closing Concept

16 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Project Phase definition Phase Deliverables Tools & Templates Phase Processes All 5 phases and their purposes are described in detail Tools and templates are available with full help text Product Deliverables Project Deliverables All phase processes and deliverables are described in detail Project Phase

17 ©Platinum Services Group Limited idea The purpose of the Concept Phase is to set project objectives and agree anticipated business benefits. The project opportunity is developed at a high-level without spending too much effort in order to assess whether the project should be entertained. Concept Project Concept

18 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Project Definition Abstract

19 ©Platinum Services Group Limited The purpose of the Initiation Phase is to obtain management approval to commit resources to start the project. InitiationConcept Project Initiation

20 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Project Charter Abstract

21 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Project Planning InitiationPlanningConcept The purpose of the Planning phase is to develop a detailed Project Plan to manage project execution and completion. The Project Plan becomes the agreed benchmark for the project.

22 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Project Plan Template Abstract

23 ©Platinum Services Group Limited $ The purpose of the Execution phase is to do the work, monitor and control the project in accordance with the approved project plan. InitiationPlanningExecutionConcept Project Execution

24 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Progress Status Abstract

25 ©Platinum Services Group Limited InitiationPlanningExecutionClosingConcept Project Closing The purpose of the Closing Phase is to formally accept the project, closeout the project in an orderly manner and make it ready for Business Operations.

26 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Final Report Abstract

27 ©Platinum Services Group Limited XPRODi content 347 Page Project Management Manual (5 phases) 19 Templates with full help text and configuration toolbar 22 Tools and control forms with full help text Full glossary of over 80 key topics and words Full table of content of over 250 key words Quick reference handbook

28 ©Platinum Services Group Limited Ample tools are available for Best Practice Project Management Detailed instructions are available to implement adequate project control Processes are fully described and templates will help you to perform Execution Phase - Processes Project Plan Accepted Deliverables Process Kick-Off Project Execution Authorise Work Packages Prepare Coordination Procedure Construct Work Packages Inspect and Approve Work Packages Start Stage EndStage Accept Work Packages Team Development Issue Resolution Risk Response Change Control Schedule Updates Performance Measurement Meetings Progress Reporting Status Reporting Control Tools Issue Detail Form Risk Detail Form Inspection Request Acceptance Form Daily Field Force Report Expense Report Change Request Reality Checks Progress Payment Certificate Non-Conformance Report Non-Conformance Register Illustration of Execution Phase Process Only Processes for all 5 Phases are included

29 ©Platinum Services Group Limited We are sure that XPRODi will assist you in your endeavours to improve project delivery and add value to your customers.

30 ©Platinum Services Group Limited best practice project management methodology

31 ©Platinum Services Group Limited COPYRIGHT © 2003 PLATINUM SERVICES GROUP LTD A product of:

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