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Warm Up: Which is stronger, wet hair or dry hair…

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1 Warm Up: Which is stronger, wet hair or dry hair…

2 Your appearance First impressions are important for making positive impressions Proper grooming and hanging good posture are two ways to show others you have a good self-concept. Looking your best will help others form a positive impression of you. Using good grooming skills will show others you care about yourself Knowing how to care for your body will help you maintain good health

3 Grooming Skills Bathe Daily!!! To control body odor which begins around age 11/12 Bacteria and dirt react with perspiration to cause body odor. Begin a skin care routine now to have healthy skin in the future Deodorant-controls body odors by slowing the growth of bacteria helps control the smell Antiperspirant-keeps you from sweating, so there’s no odor.

4 Grooming Skills A dermatologist is a doctor who is an expert in skin care. Moisturizers help dry skin feel soft and smooth Astringent lotions are grooming products that remove and control the excess oil of oily skin Do you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin? Normal skin is smooth and clear Dry skin feels tight and flaky after washing Oily skin feels greasy and looks shiny Combination skin is dry is some areas and oily in others

5 Acne-inflamed pimples
Grooming Skills Poor skin is caused by stress, heredity, hormones, and shaving. Proper exercise, rest, and nutrition will help keep skin looking good. Washing morning and night with soap and water will get rid of dirt, dead skin, and bacteria that cause blemishes. Blemishes Blemishes-pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads that appears on the face, neck, shoulders, or back Acne-inflamed pimples

6 Hand and Foot Care Both girls AND boys should take care of your hands and feet. A manicure helps keep your hands and fingernails in good condition. A pedicure is the best way to keep your feet healthy. Taking care of your hands and feet helps prevent hangnails and ingrown toenails. Hangnail Ingrown toenail

7 Hair Care Washing your hair with shampoo is important. There are many types of shampoo for different types. How often you wash your hair depends on whether your hair is normal, oily, or dry. After washing, you can use conditioner or cream rinse. Conditioner helps keep your hair healthy; cream rinse smoothes tangles Keep your brushes clean and don’t share! Lice-tiny bugs that live on the scalp.

8 Teeth An attractive smile starts with a healthy smile!
Brush your teeth at least 2x daily, floss 1x daily Mouth wash helps freshen breath. Tooth decay Plaque-the sticky film that consists of saliva, food, and bacteria Tartar-hard yellowish coating or crust Cavity-the area where decay occurs Tartar Plaque Cavity

9 Grooming DO NOT share makeup, brushes, tooth brushes, or razors
Wash your hands regularly and every time you use the restroom Taking care your your hand and feet can keep them from looking dry and having ingrown toenails or hangnails. Wash your hair regularly Brush your teeth at least 2x a day!

10 Gallery Walk Complete the two sentence stems on your paper.
Hang you the paper when you have finished. An effect of having a neat and clean appearance is… An important grooming skill is… Because…

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