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Hygiene From Head to Toe.

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1 Hygiene From Head to Toe

2 Hygiene From the Greek word “hygies” Meaning “healthy, sound”

3 What is Personal Hygiene?
Regular Routine of Personal Care Washing and Grooming Your Hair Your Face Your Skin Your Teeth Your Ears Your Hands Your Nails Your Feet

4 Hair Brushing your hair cleans and stimulates hair and scalp.
Brush from roots to tips to spread natural oils along the whole length of hair. Shampoo regularly

5 Hair How do I choose a shampoo? Is my hair Oily, or is my hair Dry?
Do I need conditioner? What will stop the DANDRUFF???

6 Dandruff What is it? Dry itchy scalp
White flakes on head and shoulders What causes it? Skin cells that grow and die off too fast Fat eating fungus on scalp that grow out of control and feeds off the oil on the hair follicles

7 ACNE Acne is created when oil from the oil glands mix with the dead cells and plug up the hair follicles in the skin it creates a “whitehead.” A “blackhead” is when the air touches the plug, the plug turns black

8 Acne

9 Acne What makes acne worse? Who gets acne?
Boys and girls during their teen years. Boys may get it worse because they have more skin oil. If your parents had bad acne, chances are you may get it bad too. What makes acne worse? Oil-based makeup, suntan oil, hair jells and spray. For girls, menstruation Squeezing or picking at blemishes Hard scrubbing of the skin

10 Acne Myths 1: Does chocolate cause zits? A: NO
2: Does Extra washing help clear zits? A: No, the extra scrubbing irritates skin and could make them worse. 3: Does acne leave scars? A: Yes, you can reduce the scarring by NOT PICKING and avoid excessive scrubbing.

11 Ears Wash ears daily with a wash cloth don’t forget behind the ears
Do not use Qtips in ears it will smash the ear wax deep into the ear canal Did you know…..?? Ear wax is usually removed when you chew food or gum

12 Dental Hygiene What causes cavities?
Sugar and Plaque together creates bacteria that causes tooth decay. Tooth Decay can be transmitted through the mouth from someone who may have tooth decay bacteria. How to avoid tooth decay. Daily dental hygiene routine that consist of brushing for 2-4 minutes and flossing. See a dentist every 6 months

13 Halitosis Bad Breath… Caused by the activity of certain types of oral bacteria Other causes: Food stuck in teeth Sinus problems Stomach problems

14 Body Odor What causes body odor?
Perspiration and bacteria mixed together Apocrine glands under the arms and in the groin secrete odors Poor hygiene Poor diets or some foods such as onions and garlic Treatments… The use antiperspirants decreases perspiration and cover odor with a manly smell Daily baths or showers using soap and scrubbing the entire body with a washcloth Change clothing daily Maintain a healthy diet

15 What would be best for me…???
Body Odor So many choices… What would be best for me…???

16 Fingernails and Toenails
File fingernails in one direction Cut toenails straight across – never cut into corners Protect against ingrown toenails by avoiding tight shoes, very high heels

17 Athletes Foot Tinea Corpois – Fungal Infection – Athletes Foot
Keep feet and skin clean and dry Change socks daily Avoid walking barefoot in public areas Throw away worn-out shoes and never borrow other people’s shoes

18 Make Hygiene part of your daily routine

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