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2 OVERVIEW The OCS library system includes – PC time management and print/copy vending. Using the library card or no card – users can gain access to PCs and pay for printing. Account balances are stored in the OCS Server not on magnetic stripe cards – this allows for many more options and functionality and much greater reliability.

3 Account Media and Print options Options for media No cards Bar Coded Cards Standard Magnetic cards Options for print vending No reader – no print station – charge account from client PC NTS Print release – to a printer or copier/printer PC print station – with no reader – swipe bar code or swipe magnetic stripe reader.

4 Timed Access Limit patron time on computers Remote control computers from desk Start, end, add time, reduce time, send message, send message and reboot Users enter name and library card number or PIN or ‘one day use’ number. Real-time updates from library circulation system Running time displayed – taskbar or on screen Programmable end of session warning Multiple time blocks – to manage busy or slower time periods each day

5 GateKeeper Sign up for next available PC When all of the computers are in use, Gatekeeper will queue the users in a waiting list and assign PCs. Option – no log on required until all of the computers are in use. Option – Automatically give additional time when no one is waiting for a PC. PC Reservation – Hold a PC for use at a set time and date.

6 OCS On Account Vending Prepaid debit system Self Service Charge for Computer Prints, Microfilm Printing and Photocopies Charge for library book fines and other over the counter transactions Secure, Reliable, Easy to use Automatic database updates from a host college or library database

7 Network layout The On Account Vending system requires an NT/2000 server that can be accessed through the WAN/LAN. The server has the account database with the balance and the record of PC use. Device such as the ON CASH and the NTS print/copy controller are controlled through Ethernet from this server. Print jobs are NOT required to pass through the server.

8 Network layout

9 Media for Accounts Keypad entry – no cards required Cards: Library (Bar Code) Cards – requires optional hardware Standard Magnetic Stripe Cards Student ID Cards AAA Club or Shoppers Club Cards Any card with a standard ABA magnetic stripe

10 ON CASH SYSTEM For User ID Input Accepts: Bar Code Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards, Keypad input. For Payment Accepts: 1,5,10 and 20 bills Prints a Receipt Users create accounts and pin #s and add cash value to their accounts

11 Print Vending ON Account print vending offers many more options and benefits over traditional methods. Option to print to local printers Option to use an NTS reader in place or a debit reader and PC print station. Less hardware – and less mechanics = less problems and lower cost.

12 Print Vending Pay at originating PC Enter account information - Click “print” go to printer. No hardware, card readers or print stations, required

13 Pages 3 Black Cost.30 Select X Color Cost.75 Select Step 1. Type Account Name or Number PARTIAL OF NAME OR NUMBER – 3 OR MORE DIGITS – IS ACCEPTABLE Step 2. Type PIN # Step 3. Edit Document Description Cancel Print – to release station Check account balance

14 Pay at NTS Print station Pay at NTS Ethernet controller Enter acct information Click “ send to print station”

15 NTS OPERATION To Copy: Swipe card or enter account # Enter PIN # You have $10.00 Press 1 to copy - 3 to print - As copies are made - 9.90, 9.80, 9.70… Press Enter when finished To Print: Swipe card or enter account # Enter PIN # You have $10.00 Press 1 to copy - 3 to print 3 jobs queued Press ^ to scroll Sample.doc 4 pg $.40 Enter to print

16 Print and Copy Vending The versatile NTS can control copies and prints with a multifunction copier/printer. One device controls BOTH copying and printing.

17 Over- the-Counter Administrative module Create new accounts Credit (add funds) to accounts Debit accounts: Point-of-Sale module Query all transactions for a given account Manage print queue


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