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Jewelry Inventory Management Software Your Logo Here Welcome to a demonstration of Del Mar Data Systems Jewelry Inventory Management.

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2 Jewelry Inventory Management Software Your Logo Here Welcome to a demonstration of Del Mar Data Systems Jewelry Inventory Management Software. Use the arrow keys to navigate between slides. (esc) to exit demo

3 Overview Del mar data systems jewelry inventory management software is a multi-media based tool to assist the wholesale and retail jewelry distributor with all aspects of managing jewelry inventory. Track individual pieces using bar code technology from initial receipt through final sale. Maintain digital photos of your jewelry inventory. Each individual transaction is stored in a transaction history file. The status and location of any jewelry piece is easily identified. Take a physical inventory and the system will report any discrepancies. Invoice customers and track payments. Track items out on memo or layaways. Comprehensive and flexible reporting allows data to be output in a variety of formats. There is even a report writer where you can construct your own reports or export data to other software packages.

4 Features & Benefits The software is easy to learn and use. Screens are designed using a ‘point and click’ method. There is no need to memorize keystroke commands. Pop-up boxes speed-up data entry and ensure data consistency. Sub database menu gives user the flexibility to define data in pop-up boxes. On-line tutorial teaches you the basics and gets you up and running in no time. Print preview allow reports to be viewed to the screen prior to printing Go to the next slide for an overview of the system with sample screens and reports.

5 This is the primary screen used to enter and review data. To enter a new piece, click the NEW button and the system will automatically assign a unique serial number to the piece. Click NEW to enter a new record: Use the DUPLICATE button to enter many pieces of the same design: Define up to 5 stones per piece Define specific details about the piece such as type, metal, weight, and purity. Click EDIT to modify an existing record

6 Some fields have pop-up boxes to validate data and speed up data entry. The data in these pop-up boxes is user defined. You only need to enter data that pertains to you and your business. Tab through a field and select from the pop-up

7 Define your own pop-ups in the sub-database menu. You control the data that shows in the pop-up boxes. Click on SUB DATABASE and the menu is displayed Select the sub database to be edited.

8 The system maintains the status of each jewelry piece. A piece is initially assigned the status of NEW. When a piece is sold, the status goes to SALE. When a piece is sent out on memo, the status changes to MEMO. When a piece is returned from memo or a sale, the status becomes RETURN. Each transaction date is logged and reference information is entered. Click on HISTORY to view transaction history of the piece: Click on a button to perform a transaction.

9 All inventory transactions from receipt to sale are tracked and recorded. The Inventory Transaction History screen displays all transactions for a single piece. This information is also available in report format The system logs a separate record for each transaction IN or OUT of inventory A piece can go between sale, return, layaway, or memo(consignment) an unlimited number of times

10 The Collection Summary screen displays all available pieces under a specific collection of designs. Click on the IMAGE button to view a photo of the piece Go to the next slide to see an example Click here to go to the inventory database & see detail information about the selected piece

11 Clicking on the IMAGE button on the INVENTORY LIST screen displays the digital photo of the piece. Click on the PRINT button to print the photo

12 The Del Mar Jewelry System includes extensive reporting that is easy to learn and use The Inventory report prints summary or detail inventory information. Inventory cost report prints cost information and Inventory valuation. Report prints all inventory transactions for each piece from receipt thru final sale Develop your own reports to print or export to other applications The Memo Report prints out all pieces currently out on memo by memo number

13 Each report has a Report Selection screen to allow maximum flexibility in reporting. Reports have multiple start/end selections Filter out data and print in summary or detail format

14 Reports have a print preview option which saves time and paper. Click here to go forward/backwards viewing pages to the screen Click here to output to printer Scroll up & down and side to side:

15 Images can also be printed on reports. Here is an example of the Inventory Detail Report with image.

16 Bar code labels are produced and used to tag each individual jewelry piece. A bar code reader scans each piece to insure data integrity and accuracy. Bar code readers are extremely accurate and will never scan a number incorrectly, thus reducing mistakes.. The system uses code 39 bar code format. This is the most common format used.

17 Other features Physical inventory tool using bar-code. Scan each piece, report identifies missing pieces or piece counted not in inventory. Ability to track pieces sent out on memo or consignment Inventory cost report values your inventory. Reports can be run with or without cost information. Information can be output to be published on a web- site. Track customer invoices and payments

18 Sales & Invoicing Del Mar Jewelry software includes a module to perform sales and invoicing functions. Process customer orders, generate invoices, track payments and process layaways. Identify and track customer information such as anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. Maintain invoices, memos, and layaways. Improve customer service by monitoring order status from entry through shipment.

19 Scan bar code of piece auto fills in details including design, description, and price. The order entry screen is used to enter & maintain orders, generate invoices, and track payments. Click here to print an invoice This screen can generate a customer order, a memo, or a layaway You can enter a discount % here Customer info automatically fills from customer file

20 Displays all payments made against an invoice or layaway The payments screen is used to maintain customer payments Totals all payments made & calculates balance due Payments can be cash, check, or credit card

21 The customer file screen is used to maintain customer information Name, address, phone#, and contact name auto- fill on order entry screen Maintain sales terms and credit limit per customer Keep special notes about the customer Unique log call feature stores date, time, and message each time a customer is contacted

22 Sales information is available in reports for specific date ranges.

23 Availability & Support Jewelry Inventory Management software is available directly from Del Mar Data Systems Del Mar Data Systems will assist with the installation, provide on-line training, and 30 days of technical support. 30 day evaluation available at no charge. Del Mar Data Systems 1442 Lincoln Ave. Suite 351 Orange, CA 92865 (714) 282-8639 Del Mar Data Systems 1442 Lincoln Ave. Suite 351 Orange, CA 92865 (714) 282-8639 Hit the (esc) key to end the demo

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