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2 Equipment and Objective
Flags (Red & Yellow) Indoor soccer ball Object of the game A combination of soccer, basketball, and football The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!!!

3 To Start the Game The game will start with a jump ball from center court. Similar to the beginning of a basketball game, a player from each team will have an opportunity to tap the ball to a teammate. (Important: This is the only time there is a jump ball. After a team scores, the goalie puts the ball back in play.) Once the jump happens, either team can make a play for the ball.

4 Game Play- Soccer If the ball is on the ground, you can use your feet to play soccer. A soccer goal is worth 2 points All goal attempts must be kicked behind the red line. YOU CAN NOT DROP KICK THE BALL!!! Each team should have a goalie IMPORTANT: The goalie is the only person that can pick the ball up while it is rolling on the ground anywhere behind the red line.

5 When the ball is in the air…
First off, how do you get the ball in the air? You can kick it up to a teammate You can kick it up to yourself The ball can only be picked up off a bounce above the knees Once the ball has been caught, you can then play fleetball. You may run with the ball You may pass the ball to any teammate in any direction You may drop the ball and play soccer again If a touchdown is scored in the end zone, it is worth 1 point. IMPORTANT: a pass to a player in the end zone is the only way a touchdown can be scored. You can not run it in. You can not throw the ball in the goal with your hands

6 When the ball is in the air…
IMPORTANT: On an attempted touchdown pass, if the ball is dropped in the end zone, the possession automatically goes to the opposing teams goalie. You may also score a basket. Shots have to be taken above the red line and outside the lane. Baskets are worth 3 points.

7 What is the purpose of the flag?
Flags should only be pulled when someone is carrying the ball (similar to fleetball). If your flag is pulled, the opposing team gets a direct kick (kicker can score) from the spot where the flag was pulled or they can pass to a teammate. Defense on a direct kick must be 5 STEPS BACK!!!

8 Fair Play No Flag guarding- you can not use your hands to knock away others hands No stiff arming Do not tie your flag If you catch the ball and you don’t have a flag on, the possession goes to the other team

Quick Recap Touchdown = 1 point Soccer = 2 points Basketball = 3 points IMPORTANT: EACH PLAYER CAN SCORE ONE OF EACH PER GAME!!!

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