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New IT Leadership Announcement 1 Transforming U-M: Leadership and High-level Organization Announcement June 12, 2009.

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1 New IT Leadership Announcement 1 Transforming Technology @ U-M: Leadership and High-level Organization Announcement June 12, 2009

2 New IT Leadership Announcement 2 Agenda  The case for change  Our vision for the future  Where are we on the ladder?  High-level organizational design  Leadership Team roles and responsibilities  Timing and next steps  Closing thoughts

3 New IT Leadership Announcement 3 The Case for Change TechnologyShifting Demographics Economic Crisis Mega Trends Impacting Higher Education Potential U-M IT Opportunities Social networks, mobile apps Central networks, virtualization High-performance computing capacity Publishing and search technologies Support distant independence/ remote computing Deans want help recruiting international students 24/7 Operations Unique opportunity to differentiate U-M and raise the bar Eliminate redundancies and reinvest Learning Research Repositories and Collaboration State Issues Auto Industry Crisis 2012 Global Recession International Impact Digital Natives

4 New IT Leadership Announcement 4 Vision for the Future  Enable innovation, learning, and discovery  Provide exceptional information technology solutions and services  Optimize IT across campus  Create an adaptable organization that can quickly respond to campus needs

5 New IT Leadership Announcement 5 Where are we on the ladder? July 1: Everyone knows where they belong 2019 Leadership  Building blocks vs. forever terms  Phases of change

6 New IT Leadership Announcement 6 High-level Organizational Design  Still partly conceptual Some areas refer to functions and others list department Unit/department names may change Individual lines/functions do not represent a manager or separate teams

7 New IT Leadership Announcement 7 Leadership Team Associate Vice President Applications & Information Services Learning & Research Services Telecomm, Networks, & Data Center Operations Infrastructure Services Process & Service Management Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Services Information & Infrastructure Assurance Solution Center Administration Transition Team

8 New IT Leadership Announcement 8 Administration Joan Witte Director, Communications Amy Grier Barry MacDougall Director, Finance & Facilities Karen Sloan Ruth Addis Responsible for: Co-Directors, Human Resources & Organization Development Co-Directors, Human Resources & Organization Development

9 New IT Leadership Announcement 9 Information & Infrastructure Assurance Responsible for:  IT Policy Development  IT Security Services  Privacy Office & User Advocate  Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Services Paul Howell

10 New IT Leadership Announcement 10 Applications & Information Services  Application Services App Architecture Planning Performance Support Wolverine Access Portal Financial, HR, & Student Learning Management Fundraising Research Administration MCommunity/Identity Mgt Portal Web Applications Mobile Applications Application Tuning John Gohsman Responsible for:  Information Services & Business Intelligence Data Architecture Planning Information Lifecycle Management Data Administration Data Warehouse M-Reports Document Management MeMail Content Management

11 New IT Leadership Announcement 11 Learning & Research Services Responsible (Interim) for: Chartering and scoping campus needs in the following areas:  Collaboration Tools  Digital Libraries & Archive  Mobile Solutions Framework  Researcher Data  Start-up Packages  HPC CAC++ Collaboration Cindy Wells

12 New IT Leadership Announcement 12 Infrastructure Services Responsible for:  Infrastructure Architecture & Capacity Planning  Shared Infrastructure  Collaboration & Middleware  Desktop & Groupware  Enterprise Infrastructure  Campus Computing Sites Bill Wrobleski

13 New IT Leadership Announcement 13 Telecommunications, Network, & Data Center Operations Responsible for:  Planning Network Architecture Within Building Network  Voice & Data Network  Data Center Planning & Operations Andy Palms

14 New IT Leadership Announcement 14 Process & Service Management  Process Management  Portfolio Management  Products and Services Catalog  ITIL Deployment & Operation  Process Development & Management  Project Support Office  Organization Performance Metrics  Knowledge Support and Education Services  Web Internal Systems  Customer Relationship Management Process & Tool Mike Loviska Responsible for:  Service Center  Help Desks  Access Services  Business Services  University Telephone Operators

15 New IT Leadership Announcement 15 Solution Center Responsible for:  Providing a single point of contact for faculty, staff, and students  Enable cross-functional integrated solutions TBD

16 New IT Leadership Announcement 16 Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Services Responsible for:  Enterprise Architecture  Planning  Innovation  Emerging Technologies  Strategy  Strategic Vendor Relationship TBD

17 New IT Leadership Announcement 17 Timing and Next Steps ACTIONDATE Finalize design and assign staffJune Identify Transition Team (Project Team) June Complete organization chartJuly 1 Leadership, with employee input, will develop and transition staff to departments July-Dec

18 New IT Leadership Announcement 18 Questions  Still partly conceptual; not an organization chart, all details are not yet available

19 New IT Leadership Announcement 19 Closing Thoughts July 1: First step up the ladder Leadership Team welcomes your input We will be principle driven Open and transparent communications You will be part of the process In the meantime… Keep your projects moving forward Continue to develop approved proposals for new efforts Maintain customer satisfaction

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