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Basel Accord IITRANSITIONSERVICES Business Integration Support FCM Management Limited Paris New York Toronto.

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1 Basel Accord IITRANSITIONSERVICES Business Integration Support FCM Management Limited Paris New York Toronto

2 2 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring FCM has extensive experience in facilitating Executive Envisioning sessions to help move an enterprise from its current state. Highlight business integration priorities, key performance and critical success factors and implementation plans to guide change Assess:  The current state of the business  Where the business should be in 3-5 years  The business segments that create a value proposition for change  What resources are needed to support value creating activities  The business model to guide executives in making critical choices  Strategy and tactical issues that will need attention during change BusinessObjectivesBusinessObjectives StructureStructure TransitionTransition

3 3 3 Business Integration Support Services FCM business integration strategy services are focused to support business operations and technology. Our business integration model begins by defining strategic roles for each of the relevant support functions Business processes, engagement and IT management Confirm in-scope vs. out-of-scope activities –Application maintenance, functional support, helpdesk, etc. –IT hosting Define overall governance model Engagement management; Interactions between support groups Metrics definitions, service levels Deliverables definitions Corporate Management IS Management Operations (Hosting Provider)Support and Maintenance Technical User / Functional Second Level Help Desk System Support Application Support Application Development Telecom Operations Hardware Operations Network Operations Center First Level Help Desk Operations Management Technical Direction Hardware/Operations Software Decisions Hardware Maintenance Hardware Performance Hardware Upgrades LAN Maintenance/ Development Client Relations Telecom Equipment Technical Support Problem Logging Technical Coordination Systems Program Maintenance Systems Program Upgrades Systems Program Training User Support Problem Resolution Problem Logging IS Budgets IS Strategy Capital Expenditures Project Management Hardware/Software Management Development Direction Human Resource Development Application Programs Maintenance Migration/Upgrades Custom Application Software Development Package Software Conversion and Installations

4 4 Our services FCM Management Limited Leverage our experience and relationships with the most appropriate program structure, skills, and strategies for transition programs FCM Management Limited helps clients design and manage transition plans, corporate structure, analysis, benefits realization and optimize human capital. We provide program management support for the transition life cycle, and vendor management services during integration phases. Our services support mid market and global organizations with investment consulting and multi-management investments We provide industry knowledge with specialized expertise in Strategy Transition Management Revenue Assurance Crisis Management Risk Management Our services include Interim “Contract” Management Support for on-demand expertise Coordinate activities, processes, procedures, and documentation Program Office controlled transition management and provisioning resources for all phases

5 5 Infrastructure Management Services FCM Infrastructure Management Services Data Center Hosting Support (mainframe, web farms) Infrastructure/Security Support Production Management Solution Hosting in conjunction with FCM Delivered through: Policies and Procedures Automated system monitoring tools across a wide range of environments System performance monitoring as well as Event detection On-site, remote management Hardware Service Agreements and experience with high availability solutions Network of Solutions Centers with extensive applications as well as systems expertise  Data center operations (servers, space, AC, power)  Solution hosting (web, applications, database)  Network management within Host facility (LAN/WAN, routers, switches, hubs)  Physical equipment for Application operation (production, development, test) Data Center Hosting Support  Applying system patches/fixes  Performance and sizing  Monitoring and maintaining  Database Administration  Operating system upgrades Infrastructure/Security Support  Application promote to production  Production scheduling  Production monitoring  SLA mgmt & reporting  Contract management Production Management  Application support integrated  Consulting and design services  Rapid response team for issues Solution Hosting

6 6 Planning Resource management Risk management Issue management Internal training Quality assurance Performance monitoring Subcontractor management Evolving policy requirements Knowledge management Stakeholder management Control Proposal management Contract management Facilities and administration Project office Project Office Management

7 7 FCM Management Limited

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