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Human Resources Update Academic Senate Coordinating Committee February 2, 2015.

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1 Human Resources Update Academic Senate Coordinating Committee February 2, 2015

2 Contents  Chazey Partners assessment recommendations  Transformation strategy 1/27/15 UCSF HUMAN RESOURCES UPDATE TO MC MANAGEMENT 2

3 Summary of Chazey Partners recommendations  Campus HR Recommendations Consolidate the four service centers into a single HR shared services organization to further develop standard practices and improve efficiency. Develop/expand new roles to provide strategic and tactical support to leaders at UCSF Enhance technology to enable HR work, focusing on workflow and document management, case management and performance metrics, and integration of existing systems Develop and share performance measurements that include input, operational, and output performance indicators Continue to consider integrated solutions for campus and health system functions as appropriate, although this is not a recommendation to integrate campus and health system HR at this time  Health System HR Recommendation Conduct pre-design for Health System HR to adopt a shared services operating model ‒ Scalable, standardized service to handle significant growth ‒ Leverage leading practices for efficiency, quality and compliance improvements 3

4 Human Resources opportunities for transformation (campus) 4 Organization Optimize organizational structures to streamline delivery – single service center, dedicated postdoc service line, optimal LER structure Assess and actualize recommendations from Chazey Partners independent study Processes Identify “quick wins” for customers and partner to address key challenges with simple fixes Apply LEAN to improve processes/workflow that directly impact customer interactions Priority areas are improved post doc processes, LER processes, and onboarding Technology Deploy CRM technology to transform the customer engagement experience Digitalize personnel files to enable direct, effortless and intelligent access to HR information and records Optimize Enterprise Data Warehouse to support planning and decision-making in staff and academic personnel

5 Organization  Initial Areas of Focus Service Center Consolidation Post Doc. Support Team Labor and Employee Relations “Business Partner” Strategic Support Services  Next Step including further evaluations of strategies to develop. Employee Service Desk Tiered Workflow Additional areas of expertise Preparing for improvements to workflow and specialization based on lessons learned through customer feedback, Chazey Partners recommendations, and operating experience. 5 Organization

6 Process  Lean – Onboarding Project Partnership with customers, stakeholders, and HR staff to review onboarding “value stream” from the customers perspective and identify opportunities for improvement. Identified 21 distinct sub-processes and > 100 key tasks. Outcomes (to date): Elimination of badge funding requests for new hires New hire badges provided during on-boarding Design for improved door access request Design for paperless onboarding Future Focus: “One stop shop” – Integration of HR – IT – Security requirement fulfillment for new hires  Enhanced Process Documentation & Process Knowledgebase Collaborated with customers to develop and publish new and enhanced process information for stakeholders on the new HR website. HR is working both within the organization and with key collaborators to improve processes with a focus on identifying both “quick wins” and long term changes. 6 Processes

7 Technology strategy 7  HR is in the process of developing a roadmap to deploy CRM technology to transform the customer engagement experience and optimize Enterprise Data Warehouse to support planning and decision-making in Staff and Academic Personnel UCSF EDW UCSF CRM UCPath HRMS Human Resource Management System Transaction Processing System Manages HR actions Processes payroll Manages benefits Serves as System of Record for Payroll and basic HR data Integration with secondary local UCSF systems focused on critical AP functions (Advance, MPM) Customer Relationship Management Ticketing System Case Management System Knowledge Management Collateral Imaging & Document Management Portal Mobile Apps Telephony Enterprise Data Warehouse Contains financial, human resources and other administrative data Single integrated repository for data from HR Technology Hub Technology 7


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