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1 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Joint UL Meeting October 27, 2008.

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1 1 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Joint UL Meeting October 27, 2008

2 2 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 2 Agenda Welcome Strategic Planning Update FY09 Priorities Questions

3 3 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 2005 U-M Leadership Interviews Protect information assets and privacy Promote green solutions Reduce faculty & staff administrative tasks Enable faculty & staff to maximize our resources Enable efficient business processes Increase faculty & staff excellence Enhance academic units’ ability to connect with individual students

4 4 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 4 2005 MAIS Strategic Plan Key Decisions Upgrade to Oracle Fusion –In FY08 we revised this decision to leverage “best of breed” for strategic applications Leverage web services to integrate local and central data Employ integration technologies like workflow, messaging and identity management Lead change and develop more products --expand direct services to schools and colleges and the health system Formalize governance. Use the MAIS Advisory Committee to set cross-MAIS priorities Protect information assets and privacy

5 5 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 2008 Interviews: The Winds Are Changing Connect Students, Faculty and Alumni Sustainability Globalization Research Dollars Shrinking Fundraising Business Intelligence Michigan Economy Interdisciplinary Activities MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities

6 6 6 MAIS FY09 Strategic Priorities eResearch DART Space Utilization Business Intelligence Integration Technologies

7 7 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 7 eResearch Proposal Management Scope Electronic routing and approval of research proposals Submission of research proposals to external sponsors through Benefits Provide researchers competitive advantage Meet federal requirements Reduce administrative time and tasks More comprehensive research reports Improve usability of data across university systems FY09 Launch March 2009

8 8 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 8 Development Alumni Relationship Tool (DART formerly DAC Replacement) Scope Deliver system for University-wide development needs Implement as an enterprise system Benefits Improve relationships with contributors, increase donations Enables flexible information sharing Integrates with other administrative systems Expands profiling capabilities to capture additional data elements FY09 Target Finish Fit-Gap Analysis Project funded Begin implementation

9 9 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 9 Space Utilization Benefits Reduce facility maintenance and operation costs Improve planning and allocation of instructional and research space to meet new space demands FY09 Plans Non course events in classrooms in all academic units available via online room calendar viewer Research space productivity and trending reports Scope Deliver class & event scheduling information Deliver research space utilization information Explore all space management systems

10 10 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 10 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Business Intelligence Scope Increase education and awareness Deliver BI tools and products Benefits Help schools improve use of data for decision-making Better information for decision making Contain costs and enhance revenue opportunities Better allocate resources Facilitate innovative solutions Easy access of critical info for Execs, Deans, Directors FY09 Plans Expand MReports content Annual space utilization scorecard and trending reports Dean’s dashboard

11 11 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 11 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Wolverine Access Replacement (Includes Workflow Implementation) Scope Replace Wolverine Access Gateway Begin Workflow Project Planning Benefits Easier access to content Integration with workflow product FY09 Plans Launch 4 th quarter

12 12 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 12 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Other Initiatives Online Textbook Ordering Online Teaching Evaluations Internal Controls Reports Human Subject Fees Travel & Expense Servers: Virtualization & Consolidation

13 13 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities 13 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities FY09 Strategic Priorities Continue collaboration with University community to integrate the IT security program into the education, research, and health care operations. Leverage key partnerships to provide units with security processes, tools, and measurements Expand engagement with research community Continue to support the identification, classification, and securing of unit-level critical and sensitive information assets.

14 14 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Customer Satisfaction is Important Communications improvements  New web site feature  Sending fewer emails  Surveying you to learn how we can improve Our goal: be more strategic in our communications, and more engaged with our users

15 15 MAIS & ITSS FY09 Priorities Questions?

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