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Vocabulary And Practice

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1 Vocabulary And Practice
The Environment Vocabulary And Practice

2 Earth Is Dearer Than Gold
What does the saying mean? Why is the environment improtant? What is the state of the environment: in the world? in Poland? in Chorzów?

3 Look at the photos and guess the words…
VOCABULARY part I Look at the photos and guess the words…

4 release toxic waste

5 industry

6 pollute/pollution

7 contamination

8 extinction

9 carbon dioxide

10 the ozone layer

11 the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation

12 rubbish

13 power stations

14 Read the definition from „Longman Contemporary Dictionary”
VOCABULARY part II Read the definition from „Longman Contemporary Dictionary” and guess the words…

15 animals and plants growing in natural conditions
w _ _ _ _ _ _ e w i l d l i f e

16 the natural home of a plant or animal
h_ _ _ _ _ t h a b i t a t

17 a group of animals or plants whose members are similar
s_ _ _ _ _ s s p e c i e s

18 the variety of plants and animals in a place
b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y b i o d i v e r s i t y

19 the warming of Earth as a result of heat trapped by pollution
the g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ e e _ _ _ _ t the g r e e n h o u s e e f f e c t

20 g _ _ _ _ l w _ _ _ _ _ g g l o b a l w a r m i n g
the general increase in world temperatures caused by increased amounts of carbon dioxide around the Earth g _ _ _ _ l w _ _ _ _ _ g g l o b a l w a r m i n g

21 Vocabulary revision Match the words:
release toxic waste przemysł industry Przyroda, fauna i flora pollute gatunki contamination wymarcie, wyginięcie wildlife skażenia the natural habitat naturalne środowisko życia species uwalniać toksyczne odpady do środowiska extinction zanieczyszczać

22 Vocabulary revision Match the words:
carbon dioxide efekt cieplarniany the ozone layer elektrownie biodiversity globalne ocieplenie the harmful UV radiation śmieci rubbish/ litter szkodliwe promieniowanie UV power stations bioróżnorodność the greenhouse effect powłoka ozonowa global warming dwutlenek węgla

23 On the basis of: Kurtyka A. ”Prove Your Point”, Egis Press.
READING SKILLS: Read these short texts and try to remember the threats to the environment…. On the basis of: Kurtyka A. ”Prove Your Point”, Egis Press.

24 Toxic chemicals threaten animals.
Toxic chemicals released by industry pollute rivers, land and the air. They threathen the health of wildlife. Because of chemical contamination animals suffer .

25 Deforestation: Deforestation destroys the wildlife. It causes the extinction of many species and reduces biodiversity. Trees absorb carbon dioxide so less trees means increased global warming.

26 The ozone layer depletion
The ozone layer that protects the Earth from the harmful ultrviolet (UV) radiation is damaged by CFCs (chloro-fluorocarbons). CFCs are substances that come from fridges, aerosol cans and other products.

27 Carbon dioxide Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which are produced by factories, cars and power stations increase the greenhouse effect, which has a negative impact on global warming.

28 Rubbish/litter People produce more and more rubbish and waste in their households. They drop litter in forests, near rivers and on roadsides. People also drop litter on the streets polluting their neighbourhoods.

29 How much do you know about the environment – QUIZ:
What are the causes of: The ozone layer depletion? Too much rubbish? Too much carbon dioxide in the air? Toxic chemicals conatmination?

30 What can you do to HELP the EARTH?
Analyse the mindmap. Which ideas do you find most useful?



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