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Course Selection and Scheduling Information. General Information Students must take between 5.00 and 6.00 units of credits each school year to ensure.

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1 Course Selection and Scheduling Information

2 General Information Students must take between 5.00 and 6.00 units of credits each school year to ensure meeting the requirement of 21.5 credits necessary for graduation. Both required and elective courses must equal the 21.5 credit count. Students are strongly encouraged to take additional credits each year. Recommended maximum credits per year are 6.00. Students who are involved in athletics are responsible for checking that they are scheduled for at least five credits each semester To achieve sophomore, junior, or senior class standing and be placed in the corresponding homeroom, students should have earned the minimum number of credits indicated below: Sophomore Class 5 credits accumulated Junior Class 10 credits accumulated Senior Class 15 credits accumulated

3 Graduation Requirements Class of 2014 and beyond 4 English 3 Social Studies – Am. Hist. and Gov 4 Math (Alg.II or equivalent) 3 Science – 1 physical and biological* ½ credit of each - Computer Science, Health, and PE.** 6 elective credits***

4 EVERYTHING COUNTS!! If you fail a required course, you MUST re-take it in summer school, or you may not graduate on time. You must PASS 4 years of English and Math. If you fail an elective, your GPA is affected AND the credit will need to be made up with another class.

5 Eligibility for Participation in Activities A student’s eligibility for participation shall be based on his/her grade point average by the immediately preceding grading period. To be eligible, a passing grade in five subjects each semester is mandatory. (For clarification, see your counselor).

6 Schedule Change Procedures Once school begins, schedule changes can only be made for the following reasons: Missing a required subject, Scheduled for less than 5 credits, Missing a lunch, Short credits for eligibility, Short credits to meet graduation requirements if the student is a senior, Medical necessity as verified by a physicians statement, Administrative decisions to balance class size and/or to resolve schedule conflicts.

7 Instructional Options High Ability Courses – Do not carry a weighted grade. Honors Courses – Weighted grades – –A – 4.5 –B – 3.5 –C – 2.5 –D – 1.0 –E – 0 points

8 Instructional Options Cont. Advanced Placement courses offer students the opportunity to do college-level studies at the high school level. Students may take the nationally administered AP exam in May. A student who is successful on the AP examination(s) and in the course(s) may enter college with some college credits already completed. Check specific school for requirements AP courses carry a weighted grade.

9 Instructional Options Cont. Post Secondary Enrollment (PSEO)/Dual Credit Earn college credit and high school graduation credit at the same time Participation in the PSEO Program requires the following: –Attend PSEO Information Night program provided by the district. –At the PSEO Information Night, complete the Post Secondary Enrollment Options “Intent to Participate” and “Information Certification” forms and return by March 30 th.

10 Instructional Options Cont. PSEO/Dual Credit continued: Meetings scheduled: –South –February 6, 2013 –North –February 13, 2013 –Every new and current PSEO student must attend a meeting –More information on Dual Credit on pages 52-54

11 Business Courses Personal Finance I and II Keyboarding BCIT

12 Computer Courses Computer Science I* and II HTML Programming One semester, ½ credit in Computer Science is required for graduation. *Computer Science I is a prerequisite to enroll in all other computer course offerings

13 English Courses English I,II,III,IV English HO and AP Electives: Publications, Speech 4 credits of English required for graduation

14 Family and Consumer Sciences Creative Cook Food for Fitness

15 Fine Arts - Music Mixed Choir Concert Choir ** Exploring Art and Music Symphonic Band Wind Symphony** **Auditions and Permission required for some Wind, and concert choir

16 Fine Arts - Art Art I Ceramics I and II Exploring Music and Art

17 Foreign Languages French Spanish German 2 years recommended for college entrance

18 Physical Education P.E. I, II Two semester, ½ credit total in Physical Education is required for graduation. Beginning with the class of 2014 student may substitute P.E. if participating in athletics, marching band, or cheerleading. Must Participate in two seasons of a sport in order to get out of 2 PE courses

19 Industrial Arts Wood Tech, Power Tech Drafting Indoor and Outdoor Home Maintenance and Repair

20 Math Integrated I Algebra I, Geometry Honors and AP classes

21 Science Integrated Science 9 or HA Honors Biology with application only. Must be accepted

22 Social Studies Integrated Social Studies HA and AP

23 Criteria for High Ability and Honors classes In order for you to be recommended for an HA or Honors class, you need more than the teacher recommendation. The other criteria that were used were: *Reading OAA scores-Advanced or Accelerated *Math OAA scores-Advanced MAP scores Placement Tests *OAA scores were also used for Science and Social Studies classes

24 Career –Tech Programs See page 39-51 for a complete list of programs For juniors and seniors Two-year programs Must apply by February 1 st

25 Extra-curricular Activities listed on page 46 Clubs and Sports

26 STUDENT PLANNING DOCUMENTS The following documents should be completed by each student, with the support of parents/guardians and a Guidance Counselor. Each student is encouraged to complete these forms in pencil, as they are intended to be organic documents which grow or adjust as a student progresses through school. An electronic version of these documents is also available on the district website:

27 8 th Grade Orientation South High School – Thursday, February 8 th North High School – Wednesday, February 13 th

28 How to fill out your 9 th grade selection sheet If and only if an Honors or HA class is highlighted are you allowed to take the course. The classes that you have been recommended for are highlighted on you paper. IF you have an Honor or HA classes highlighted, then that is the class that has been recommended for you. HOWEVER, you DO NOT have to take that class. If you DO NOT want the HA or Honors class, you MUST circle the class that you want to be scheduled for.

29 Electives You need 2 CREDITS worth of classes for you electives. REMEMBER, 2 credits does not necessarily mean 2 classes. 1 credit = means the class meets everyday, all year long ½ credit = means the class meets everyday for ½ the year (one semester) PE is the exception. It is ¼ credit, but it meets everyday for one semester. CHOOSE 2 CREDITS!!! NOT 1 ½,3,4…….CHOOSE 2 CREDITS! SOME students completed PE 9 and 10. Those students may choose 2 ½ credits, as marked on the sheet. SOME students completed CS 1. Comp Sci 2 has been highlighted on the sheet. You may CHOOSE to take that class, but do not have to.


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