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Nordonia High School Counseling Department. Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2014 and Beyond  You must have 21 credits to graduate from Nordonia.

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1 Nordonia High School Counseling Department


3 Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2014 and Beyond  You must have 21 credits to graduate from Nordonia H.S.  You must pass all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Test  You must have met the following requirements: English4 creditsOne per year in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 Math4 creditsOne credit per year in grades 9, 10, and 11 (Must include one credit of Algebra II or the equivalent) Science3 creditsOne credit per year in grades 9, 10, and 11 (Must include Biology, Hon. Physics/Physical Science, and Hon. Chemistry/Env. Science) Social St.3 creditsWorld History in Grade 9, U.S. History in Grade 10, American Government and Economics in Grade 11. Health½ creditOne-half credit in Grade 9 Phys. Ed.½ creditOne-fourth credit per year in grades 9 & 10 Fine Arts1 credit(Band, Choir, or Art) Electives5 credits

4 Changes to Honors Courses for the 2013-2014 School Year  Honors level courses will now receive a weighted grade.  Honors courses will receive 0.5 weight toward the GPA (4.5 points for an “A”, 3.5 points for a “B”, etc).  Any honors courses taken during the 2013-2014 school year and beyond will fall under this policy.  Courses:  Honors English 9, 10, 11, and 12  Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, and Honors Pre-Calc  Honors Biology, Honors Physics, and Honors Chemistry  Honors World History, Honors US History, Honors Gov’t. and Honors Economics  Honors Spanish I, II, III, and IV  Honors French I, II, III, and IV

5 Foreign Language Spanish and French COLLEGE PREP HONORS Plans on attending college Looking to fulfill the two year foreign language recommendation Teacher recommendation Must study vocabulary and grammar 20 mins. daily Plans to attend a 4 year college Plans to take AP senior year Highly motivated and organized Enjoys challenges Excellent grammar and study skills Teacher recommendation

6 Athletic Eligibility Note: Students must be passing five courses each semester. Phys. Ed. is.25 credit and does not apply toward eligibility. Please be aware of grades in order to stay eligible to participate in athletic programs. PROCEDURES FOR COMPLETING COURSE SELECTION WORKSHEET GRADE 10 FOR THE YEAR 2013-2014 Complete Name and Telephone information. Circle the course number in each required academic area as well as elective courses. Note: Sophomore’s must take ONE credit in each of the following academic areas: 1 credit English 1 credit Math 1 credit Science 1 credit Social Studies ¼ credit Physical Education & ½ Elective 1 Elective credit 1 Study Hall (or additional elective upon counselor approval) Academic course selection MUST have Teacher Recommendation initials for all academic courses, foreign language, and IMC. Student and parent MUST sign course selection worksheet. All students must be registered for a minimum of 6 classes EACH semester. Schedules may be changed by contacting the High School Guidance Office BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. SCHEDULE CHANGES AFTER THE START OF SCHOOL ARE NOT PERMITTED. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a High School Counselor at 330.468.4603.

7 Print your name clearly All students circle an English class. If you think you want to move up to Honors track, talk to your current teacher. Math: the typical track for sophomores is Geometry unless you started Algebra as an 8 th grader. Advanced students would be entering Alg. 2 or Honors Alg. 2. Science: Physical Science or Honors Physics. Social Studies: U.S. History (College Prep. takes Honors U.S. History) (The A.P. track students take Hon. Economics and/or AP European History) Foreign Language is required for the Honors Diploma. All sophomores should complete their HPE requirements

8 At the top, please list alternate courses for your electives Plan your classes in the middle section. You are not able to request a specific order. You will be using this for online scheduling You MUST have parent and student signatures as well as the necessary teacher initials to register for classes!

9 4.5 credits needed for promotion to grade 10 9.5 credits needed for promotion to grade 11 14 credits needed for promotion to grade 12 Grade Promotion Requirements

10 Schedule Changes/Dropping Classes  Once schedule requests have been submitted, students and parents may elect to change a student’s schedule for the next school year only before the first day of school.  After the start of the school year, changes will only be made if: 1. There is a scheduling conflict that cannot be resolved. 2. Changes necessitated by failures. 3. Satisfactory completion of a course in summer school. 4. A technical error was made in the process of scheduling the student’s requests. SCHEDULE CHANGES AFTER THE SCHOOL YEAR HAS BEGUN ARE NOT PERMITTED.

11 Technology Work Experience (TWE)  The T.W.E. 1 program will be a study-oriented course based on earning CompTIA A+ certification. In this course the student will take apart a computer, identify parts, be able to assemble a computer, and practice using different operating systems. Students will also explore the topics of system files, general maintenance, networking, configuration of hardware and software, and troubleshooting computer problems. Passing the CompTIA A+ exams will give you the A+ Certification.  There will be some hands on application in the form of “Work Orders,” which will require you to practice the skills learned in class. However, most of the hands on application will happen within the T.W.E 2 program.  In order to be considered for the TWE, you must complete an application and submit it to Mr. Witschey, room 705, by February 14 th. There is a limit to the number of students that will be accepted.  Applications are available in the Guidance Office or from Mr. Witschey, room 705.  Do not register for this course during online scheduling unless you have completed the application process and Mr. Witschey has signed your Academic Scheduling Worksheet.

12 Reminders!  Yearbook – Application/selection process. Do not register for course during online scheduling. Your schedule will be adjusted if you are selected.  IMC – Do not register for this course unless you have a signature from Mrs. Wojtecki.  Choir – Register for Symphonic Chorale if you would like to take either of our choir courses. Your schedule will be adjusted upon selection.

13 To Do List! 1.Get the required signatures from your teachers 2.Obtain parent signatures 3.Return : Academic Scheduling Worksheet Online Scheduling Worksheet TO YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER BY FEBRUARY 14th You must have ALL signatures and 6 classes properly recommended! 4. Thursday, February 21 - Online scheduling during English Class Any changes in your schedule must be made before the start of the school year.

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