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Personal Information. [f] [æ][æ] [m] [r] [sı]

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1 Personal Information

2 [f]

3 [æ][æ]

4 [m]

5 [r]

6 [sı]

7 [Λ][Λ]

8 [d]

9 Personal Information

10 b_aut_ful beautiful

11 _b_dient obedient

12 _nfriendly unfriendly

13 at_leti_ at h leti c

14 fam_us famous

15 cr_el cruel

16 ugl_ ugly

17 p_lite p o lite

18 ki_d kind

19 n_ug_ty naughty

20 fr_endly friendly

21 non-athlet_c non-athletic

22 i_famous i n famous

23 i_polite i m polite

24 Personal Information

25 beautiful, clever, naughty, obedient, polite, athletic, ugly, infamous, famous, cruel, unfriendly, stupid, kind, friendly, non-athletic

26 Personal Information

27 beautiful obedient athletic famous polite kind friendly clever ugly naughty non-athletic infamous impolite cruel unfriendly stupid

28 Personal Information

29 My Family 1. My family is a … Russian family… 2. We get on well… 3. My mum is… (She is… Her hobby is…) 4. My dad is… (He is… His hobby is…) 5. My sister is… (She is… Her hobby is…) 6. My brother is… (He is… His hobby is…)

30 Personal Information

31 Our family comes From around the world Our hair is straight Our hair is curled Our eyes are brown Our eyes are blue Our skins are different colours too. We’re girls and boys We’re big and small We’re young and old We’re short and tall. We’re everything That we can be And still we are A family. We laugh and cry We work and play We help each other Every day The world is a lovely place to be Because we are a family.

32 Personal Information

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