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Building Plan Presentation The Evangelical Lutheran Church of The Holy Trinity.

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1 Building Plan Presentation The Evangelical Lutheran Church of The Holy Trinity

2  Harrison F. Bink, AIA Principal  Dorothy K. Anderson, Assoc. AIA Project Designer Introduction

3  Founded in 1961;  Have served over 220 congregations;  Committed to Principal involvement;  Purposely “right-sized”;  Listen, Lead, Perform™ process;  Congregational ownership of project. Qualifications

4 This presentation incorporates the concepts of the architectural task force, Bink Architectural Partnership, the survey, and proposals made in 1998. In order to respond to ministry needs, the Church has been searching for other ways to utilize its existing properties. Summary

5 Existing Site Plan Currently there are three dissimilar, unconnected building types.

6 Considerations:  Create the feeling of a campus, including all of the existing properties  How to use 128 Cocoa Avenue  How to use 20 Granada Avenue  How to use 212 Cocoa Avenue  How to plan for future growth  How to incorporate special requirements of the Church, its educational programs, and outreach projects as expressed by the survey and committees

7 Other Considerations Holy Trinity has been using these buildings for the overflow of outreach projects, educational programs and administrative functions. The congregation is in need of more functional space and is looking for ways to integrate all buildings into a unified church complex. The Church also desires to bring the quality of finishes in the education wing up to those in the Sanctuary and Chancel.

8  Rebuild 128 Cocoa Avenue with a slightly larger foot print.  It will serve the Church’s outreach ministries housing the food bank on the ground floor.  The first floor will have open space for gatherings, meetings, and worship.  The second floor will be dedicated to education and youth activities.  Additionally, the first and second floors could be utilized for temporary housing or other outreach opportunities. Phase I – Community Outreach and Youth Ministries

9 The key to 128 Cocoa Avenue is flexibility. We have designed the property with as much open space as possible.  Setting outreach as a priority, the Architectural Task Force and Bink Architectural Partnership believe that 128 Cocoa Avenue should be Phase I of the project. Furthermore, it stands alone and construction will not disturb Church services and activities.





14   The new building will serve to show the Church’s strong dedication to youth and enhance our identity and vital presence in our community.

15  20 Granada Avenue Phase II West Entrance and Administrative Needs  Replace 20 Granada Avenue with new administration offices linked to the church by a bridge spanning the alley. This bridge is the critical link between the Church and administrative offices, a long sought after goal.  The ground floor level below the administration offices will have parking for six (6) to seven (7) vehicles, enclosed storage, and green space on the street side.  Below the bridge at the Church’s West elevation will be an enhanced entrance with a new larger elevator and central stair to connect all levels of the building.

16 New Site Plan New Administration Offices Bridge

17 First Floor New Administration Offices Bridge to Church Narthex

18 New West Entrance & Bridge

19  Phase III – Fellowship and Education  Remove existing administration building in order to construct additional education and fellowship space

20 New entrance on Cocoa Avenue Connecting stairs & corridor from Church to Education Bldg.

21 Welcoming entrance

22 Ground Floor Storage New Main Entrance Parking Consolidation of educational programming space

23   Increased, integrated classroom space designed to accomplish needs of Rotation Sunday School.  Relocated nursery and kindergarten  New choir rehearsal room and storage for music, robes and hand bells.  New ADA compatible restrooms, storage and facilities manager’s office  Improved circulation connecting all spaces on the ground floor including a second means of egress to Cocoa Avenue Ground Floor also provides:

24 First Floor Plan Worship and Fellowship Space  New larger fellowship hall, adjacent to the sanctuary, with kitchen and ample storage  ADA compatible restrooms

25  The third phase completes the building plan and responds to priorities of the survey and needs expressed by the architectural & congregational committees.  Builds improved curb appeal

26 Thank you for your time. Bink Architectural Partnership “Architecture in the Greater Community’s Interest”

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