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40 Y7-8 pupils PLUS 5 LEADERS – ALL OUTWOOD STAFF Mrs.Gooding Mr Tawn Miss Woods Mr Peachey Mr. Gibson.

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4 40 Y7-8 pupils PLUS 5 LEADERS – ALL OUTWOOD STAFF Mrs.Gooding Mr Tawn Miss Woods Mr Peachey Mr. Gibson


6 We are going to Jugendherberge Köln-Riehl This is near the centre of Köln (Cologne), in the West of Germany

7 This is our route. Display route map Wakefield to Folkestone by coach. Folkestone to Calais by Eurotunnel. Calais to the hotel by coach – across France (approximately 7 hours)


9 ITINERARY SUNDAY 13 th July Meet Bus Park at 11.30pm (you do NOT need to be EARLIER than this!) (departure approx. 0.00!!) Tunnel crossing 07.20 15.30 (approx. local time) arrive at hotel


11 Our Accommodation Name: Jugendherberge Köln-Riehl Location: Köln suburb Nearest town: Köln Board basis: Breakfast and evening meal served in hotel; packed lunches provided; drinks not served with evening meal (1Euro for a glass of mineral water, 2 Euros for a soft drink) Facilities : Rooms : All rooms are ensuite, and sleep 2 to 4 students



14 Travel Comfortable clothing We will be on the coach for some time – You will probably also want to take a small pillow Medication If you get travel sick you will need to make sure you bring your own medication with you to relieve the symptoms. Food Pack some food and English money for the journey. Drinks to be in cartons or plastic bottles. NO GLASS

15 LUGGAGE We are only going for a few days. Pack LIGHT!!!!!! And ensure you LABEL your luggage.

16 What to pack? Comfortable footwear Comfortable light clothing + some OLD clothes! (NO UNIFORM..HOORAY!!) a jumper in case it is chilly Waterproof coat Bag/rucksack (for day trips) Towels/soap etc Night wear Sun cream/hat (it can get quite hot) Camera (disposable recommended) Pens/pencils (for the quizzes)

17 Entertainment To make journeys more enjoyable pupils may want to bring items to entertain themselves eg Walkmans/MP3 players. These will be allowed, but NO SPEAKERS Headphones only please. We would discourage expensive items such as PSP’s They can easily be lost,stolen or broken. Pupils bring such items at their own risk, the staff will hold no responsibility for lost,stolen or broken items.


19 As with electrical items, pupils bring these at their own risk. Staff will not be responsible for phones lost/broken or stolen. In case of misuse of mobile phones, staff reserve the right to restrict use to during excursions ONLY Pupils may bring their phones so that they can contact home to let you know of their safe arrival. They can also use it in case of an emergency whilst on the trip to phone the group leaders. However pupils need to be aware of the costs involved. To call the UK CAN COST £1.50 per minute To receive a call costs money too. To send a text can cost 50p or more. Check with your provider as costs vary! Data roaming is very expensive – turn it off! Standard ‘phones are much more reliable than smartphones.


21 Maximum 100 Euros. Plus English money for outward and return journeys – max. £20

22 You will be given a group leader at the end of this meeting. Your leader will be responsible for your money so that you do not overspend or lose it. You should put your pocket money into an envelope and clearly label it with your name and amount. On the first day of the trip hand your money to your group leader. Each day we will arrange a pocket money session when you can access your money.

23 What can I buy? On the trip you may want to buy souvenirs, sweets, drinks, play the games machines. FORBIDDEN purchases Alcoholic drinks Tobacco products Knives Lighters Toy guns or similar Fireworks Laser pens


25 If you need to take medication of any kind make sure that you bring it with you. Please hand any medication to your group leader clearly labelled with your name and dosage requirements. If you suffer from asthma I strongly recommend a spare inhaler that can be kept with your group leader.


27 Rhine Cruise / Boppard Chair Lift / shopping

28 Köln Cathedral, city centre and Chocolate Museum

29 Phantasialand

30 Quizzes, contests and games


32 We return Friday 18 th July late evening (from approx. 10.00pm.) Your child will ring with an estimated time of arrival once this is fairly clear (i.e. approximately one hour before).


34 13 th July 2014 Meet at school Give your group leader : Passport EHIC card Spending money Any medication. We will leave school at 00.00am (meet at 11.30 pm)

35 I need to see the parents/carers of :

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